Bigfoot Season // New!

It’s back.

When the Bigfoot first hit the shop two years ago, we were floored. Up until that point, decent Fat Bikes were in the realm of 2K, with a few dipping into the 1K+ market. Then Norco talked with us that year at Interbike and said ‘We think we can make a pretty great Fatbike, but it’d be under 1,000 USD – do you think it would sell?’

Needless to say, we said yes.

We’ve always sold out of these and so the name is pretty appropriate. It only took two weeks to blow through our original supply when it debuted and last year it took a bit longer – but still more demand than supply. We’re sure that this year will be no different, so be sure to come into the shop and take advantage of #BigfootSeason while it lasts.


om_sonderkrossen_v3Soon our beloved Track will close for another Winter. While we will miss it’s warm, summery embrace, this recent cold snap has brought us back to our senses so that we may now begin to prepare.

We prepare for slick off-camber turns. For mud up to your shins and beyond. For grabbing tiny cups out of the hand of strangers and awkwardly enjoying their offering. For the long nights spent cleaning a bicycle which was pristine only a few hours earlier. For huddling by a propane heater in a drafty tent on days when most sane school administrators would shut their doors.

We prepare, of course, for Cyclocross.

Let us celebrate our Track and welcome the Cyclocross with the traditional rights of SONDERKROSSEN. With food, merriment and funtimes for all we will ring in the changing of the seasons.

We begin at 6PM on September the 19th and continue until we simply cannot anymore. At 7 PM we will have a guest from Seven Cycles (a Mr. John Lewis) come in and chat with us about all the best Seven has to offer. I’m particularly excited about that one.

Furthermore – any Track and Cyclocross items (including BIKES, excluding Tiemeyer framesets) will be 20% off. This includes new 2015 Cyclocross rigs, so if you’re looking to get stoked on cross and need a new bike, we’ll have one for you here at a ridiculous price.

See you there, speed racers.

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UPDATE : We will now have preregistration for our #TNCX evening this Friday at SONDERKROSSEN! It’s still just $15, but you’ll be able to avoid all sorts of lines and stuff that generally people find annoying! So swing on by anytime during the evening and prereg and maybe have some free drink on us.

Explore More // News!

om_fatbikes_14_745Get out there while the gettin’ is good. Winter won’t be here forever, and there’s some fine snow that needs shredding. So we’re here to help you out. We have a few of our KHS 4 Season 3000’s just waiting for a good home, and until they’re out our door we have them going for the low price of $1,200.


Camp Ride + Blogs // Video!

Summer can’t get here soon enough. A bike, a road, a pack and a map is all you need. Maybe a couple Pearson’s Salted Nut Rolls to make sure you keep your energy levels up.

Consider this your Bike Camping Stoke, I found it on one of my favorite Blogs to peruse when I get tired of our colder temps – Blue Lug. A shop based over in Japan, these guys do some insane customization stuff with Surly Bikes (among others). Plus – if you’re looking for the newest MUSA (Made in USA) product, chances are they’ll put it up before any other shop in the States.

And if there large archive isn’t enough to keep you sated, welcome to the wonderful world of Super stoked, always happy dudes that make some of the raddest bikes around. Pro Tip : Google Translate – it takes it right to 11.

Don’t let Old Man Winter get you down. We’ll have Sun and Bike Rides soon enough.

Cold Rolled // Video!

Fatbike singletrack?? WHAT

Wouldn’t mind taking a Norco Bigfoot or KHS 4Season 3000 out for a few laps. Heck, with this weather I’m sure we could get something going in the back lot.

Unrelated : If you need us, we’ll be in the back making berms and ramps.