State Bicycle Co. // Video

If you’ve driven by our little Shop on Selby, you’ve probably seen a line of bicycles sitting right outside. On any given day, we might have ten to fifteen inquisitive minds walk in and ask us what these colorful bicycles are all about. It’s a relatively new phenomenon, but it’s been around long enough that you probably have heard the word ‘Fixie’, seen one on the Internets (especially if you’ve frequented this site) or even ridden a fixed/single speed bicycle. Yes, it’s popular, but for good reasons: they’re easy to use, they’re easy to keep maintained, and they come in a ton of sweet colors. That’s a hat trick in my book.

We brought State Bicycle Co. on this year because we really liked their style. They make slick looking bikes that just happen to be well made. In addition, they’re not going to break the bank with their $450 price point. If you’re looking for something to get around the City with, or maybe a more serious commuter type bicycle, State has you covered.

In general, we’ll have two or three of their recent models in stock with a full size range represented. We chose to outfit all of our State’s with the drop bar option, but that can be changed if you’re looking for bullhorns or maybe even flat bars.

The one in the video above is the El Toro, my personal favorite. That red paint really pops with the all black accessories. Enjoy the video and stop on by to give one a spin soon.


NITTO Japan // Video

We’re proud to stock NITTO stems and handlebars at Omnium. This is a nice little look into the world where these gems come from.


Early Rider – ‘Husky’ // Video

Kid + Bike + Dog = Super Adventures

It’s not a Boy + Sled + Tiger, but it’s pretty darn close.

Bring your Early Rider in today to try out the Lite (in Video) or Classic and send them off on their own adventure.


Something to get you excited for the upcoming weekend.

A lil Monday somethin’

Steel bike. Campy Pista Wheels. Roller Training. What’s not to like?

A lil something to brighten up a dreary, cold Monday morning.

Spring is around the corner! Get on those rollers people!

State CX Champs This Weekend

Kind of like this video.

Only colder.

Much colder.

See you out there, racers. And hecklers. And beer drinkers.


Omnium Bike Shop

EDIT: Okay, maybe not so cold

USAC Elite Track Nationals

While we’re off playing the mud/cold of Cyclocross, just a few weeks ago Elite Track Nationals took place in Carson, CA. If you look closely, you’ll see Hamilton and Kruse, two of our most esteemed racers up at the NSC Velodrome.

I realize we’re kind of done with this for the season, but let me just have this one last moment! So stoked for 2013 – SO STOKED.

‘Like all genuine passions… It just happens.’

Love this – LOVE THIS. It’s a great way to kick off the early week. Obtained off of Prolly.



We love us some Single Speed Cross – and what more exemplary of such a love than the World Championship? Rain, mud, love – all the best of our Cyclocross season. Just make sure you’re okay with getting a tattoo if you win the coveted stripes. During these dry and dusty ‘Summer’ races, we can take heart that soon such weather will pass and we’ll truly be in the mud pit.

And for those of you not currently in possession of such a single speed bike, why not the Cinelli MASH SSCX? We currently have a full size run heading our way of these wondrous frames and we have just a few left up for grabs. Tapered head tube, lightweight Columbus Aluminums, Beefy SS dropouts – The stuff CX Dreams are made of. Did I mention the full carbon fork? I apologize if I didn’t.

Once again, we’re throwing a party for those of you who haven’t heard. 5 PM. Beer, Food, Fun. We’re also going to have something CRAZY GOOD deal wise go down. Let’s just call em party favors.

See you there, CX Racers.

Get CX

First, a deliciously gorgeous video. Because it’s never too early to start thinking about ‘Cross Season. Did I mention all the goodies that are coming in? How about fresh new embrocations from Mad Alchemy? Or our refreshed stock of Blue Competition Cross Bikes? Plus a couple other Omnium-Specific items that’ll be in shortly.

Also: tonight is the first night of Omnium Racing’s Cyclocross Clinic! Meet-up at the East River Flats at 5:30 PM tonight! See Map below the cut. We’ll be putting on plenty of these so no worries if you miss this one. They’re a blast and a great way to get back in CX shape!

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