#StPBWR // Video!

You may have noticed a few (OK – more than a few) times we’ve thrown up a SAINT PAUL BICYCLE WEATHER REPORT on the Twitter and the Facebook. Maybe even the Instagram. It’s all about giving you, the cycling populous, the information you need to get through the day. Riding across our fair city is difficult enough without the sky falling down, so we do what we can.

But folks, we can’t do it alone. We need your help. So if you’re out there, riding your bicycle and pondering the weather take some time to stop and snap a photo. Maybe just a few words on the Twitter. Whatever you do to let your fellow cyclist know what’s going down.

Just tag your photo with #StPBWR (or #SaintPaulBicycleWeatherReport if you’re into that) and we’ll share the ones that we like the best and give you a little shout out for what you do. Maybe even a cool thing for free if it’s informative/funny/non-sequitur enough.

Who has time for weather apps anyway?

State Bicycle Offroad Division // Teaser Video!

Now this is intriguing.

Norco 2015 Teaser // Video!

Driving us crazy over here, Norco! Some really exciting stuff coming down our way from our friends to the north!

Lebanon Hills // Video!

We’re getting a whole heck of a lot of rain, which means the trails haven’t been open as much as we’d like but this is a great way to get your MTB stoke even when it’s too wet to play.

Video by Brendan Lauer.

Camp Ride + Blogs // Video!

Summer can’t get here soon enough. A bike, a road, a pack and a map is all you need. Maybe a couple Pearson’s Salted Nut Rolls to make sure you keep your energy levels up.

Consider this your Bike Camping Stoke, I found it on one of my favorite Blogs to peruse when I get tired of our colder temps – Blue Lug. A shop based over in Japan, these guys do some insane customization stuff with Surly Bikes (among others). Plus – if you’re looking for the newest MUSA (Made in USA) product, chances are they’ll put it up before any other shop in the States.

And if there large archive isn’t enough to keep you sated, welcome to the wonderful world of Circles.jp. Super stoked, always happy dudes that make some of the raddest bikes around. Pro Tip : Google Translate – it takes it right to 11.

Don’t let Old Man Winter get you down. We’ll have Sun and Bike Rides soon enough.

Cold Rolled // Video!

Fatbike singletrack?? WHAT

Wouldn’t mind taking a Norco Bigfoot or KHS 4Season 3000 out for a few laps. Heck, with this weather I’m sure we could get something going in the back lot.

Unrelated : If you need us, we’ll be in the back making berms and ramps.

MN State CX Weekend // Video!

It’s here! Tomorrow and Sunday the annual Minnesota State Cyclocross Championship goes down. We’ll be there with a large warm tent, neutral wheels and neutral mechanic support. I imagine it’ll look something like how it was back in ’11, but maybe with just a touch colder temps.

Be safe, everyone. We joke about the cold here, but it can get real serious real quick and we don’t want anyone headed home hurt.

See you there!

“Go out and ride” // Video!

It’s a fact – Winter is at our door. But what is Winter, but an opportunity to test your resolve and go out to ride your bike. I think everyone needs to have a little crazy in their lives, something that makes others go ‘What?!’. So if you’re thinking of putting up the wheels and letting the Season die remember, it’s just as bad in Solvenia.

Thanks for the little bit of solidarity, Pici-Bici. We’re with ya.

Found Here

Work Hard. Ride Home. // Video!

Just kind of in love with this whole vibe. I’ve been a big fan of Ira Ryan Cycles and Pereira Cycles and to see them come together and make something like this is really special. So much stoke!

Pretty sweet that Portland Design Works, a company we’re big fans of (we even stock their lights!), would sponsor something like this.

It may be getting cold, but plenty of time for bicycle riding left in the season! Hope to see ya’ll out there.


Your Friendly Neighborhood Bike Geeks

Golden Saddle Cyclery Grand Prix // Video

This right here is some good stuff.

Reminds me of a certain weeknight up in Blaine.

Only four left. Can you believe it? Almost like Summer is slipping through our hands.

But we ain’t done yet.

See you Thursday, Speed Racers.