On Pedal Choice












Dan and I take a lot of pride in selling only what we like. We constantly test products and retest products through our own daily commutes, rides and races. Sometimes, although, this can be a pain.

If you’ve been in need of a 2-Bolt Cleat Style pedal in the past year, and have stopped in to ask us our two cents, we’ve pointed your towards Time. Time, with it’s ATAC system, had created one heck of a pedal. It clips in, it clips out, it looks and feels good. Unless you were already locked into a system, Time was the way to go.

Until they stopped carrying them.

As it is nigh impossible for us to obtain the ATAC system we are dropping that line from our selection. This is hard for us to do, but really, it’s for the best.

The problem is, we want something that we can honestly feel good about. Something that we can say to you, ‘This. This is the end all, be all. Clip in and be well, my friend.’ And so we are now on a pilgrimage of sorts. We are looking for that pedal.

We’ve heard rumors that Crank Brothers makes such a pedal. Unfortunately, both Dan and I have had bad experiences with their system in the past. But now it’s time to give them another chance. We’ll be testing out the system before we carry it in the store. And telling you all about it. This is because we don’t want to sell something we wouldn’t want to use. We’re weird like that.

So tell us, oh Internet, what should we know about this pedal? Where should we start our search as we dive into the world known as Crank Brothers? Guide us, lead us, and perhaps we’ll all have a new product to rejoice over at the end of our search.

To Crank Brothers or not to Crank Brothers? That is the question.