State Thunderbird // New!

It’s no secret that we dig on Cyclocross. With July in full swing and August just around the corner, the first race of the season is almost upon us. But Cyclocross isn’t just one season – it’s year round. It’s the dirt paths connecting trails. The River Bottoms. The freedom to jump off of any curb without fear of retribution. It’s a lifestyle.

There’s a few folks who’ve come into our shop looking for a way to dip their toes in the River Cross – but for most it can be daunting. $1,500 or $2,000 on a bike they might not even like (that’s silly, of course they will, it’s a bike – but you get the picture).

Enter the State Bicycle Co. Thunderbird. For only $999, you can jump right in and open up a whole new world of fun. Alloy frame, carbon fork, Avid disc brakes – I mean, it’s got it all. It’s the type of bike you jump on, fall in love with and then pay for hoping the sales person doesn’t check the price. But no! It’s not too good to be true! It exists! And you aren’t getting away with it because we already know!

We’ve got a 55CM in the shop but we’ll have more soon. Because, how could you not?

(Did we mention you can put studded tires on this and rock some Winter too? OH YEAH BECAUSE YOU TOTALLY CAN)

State Bicycle Offroad Division // Teaser Video!

Now this is intriguing.

State Bicycle Co. – The Undefeated // New!

Processed with VSCOcam with c2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with c2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with c2 presetIf you follow this blog with any sort of regularity, you’ve probably figured out we’re fans of Velodrome Racing (AKA – #TRACKNIGHT). So when State Bicycle Co. came out with the Undefeated last year, we were a little more than excited. A great Track Bike doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to take you from Cat 5 all the way to the top, but there are a few things that you need to get right.

For instance : The Crank. A 144BCD crankset is necessary and the SRAM Omnium is what a lot of Track Cranks aspire to and they come standard. The Frame should be stiff but still relatively light and the 7000 Series Alloy State’s sourced for this guy does the trick. The Carbon fork keeps the front end nice and still as you’re whipping around those banked turns at 30+ MPH. All in all, it’s got everything you need to start out in style. You’d be hard pressed to find a bike this well equipped for the Track at only $1,099, but that’s all State’s asking for this one.

If you’re signed up for the Intro to Track Racing class and want to show up correct, this might be a good place to start.


State Bicycle Co. // Video

If you’ve driven by our little Shop on Selby, you’ve probably seen a line of bicycles sitting right outside. On any given day, we might have ten to fifteen inquisitive minds walk in and ask us what these colorful bicycles are all about. It’s a relatively new phenomenon, but it’s been around long enough that you probably have heard the word ‘Fixie’, seen one on the Internets (especially if you’ve frequented this site) or even ridden a fixed/single speed bicycle. Yes, it’s popular, but for good reasons: they’re easy to use, they’re easy to keep maintained, and they come in a ton of sweet colors. That’s a hat trick in my book.

We brought State Bicycle Co. on this year because we really liked their style. They make slick looking bikes that just happen to be well made. In addition, they’re not going to break the bank with their $450 price point. If you’re looking for something to get around the City with, or maybe a more serious commuter type bicycle, State has you covered.

In general, we’ll have two or three of their recent models in stock with a full size range represented. We chose to outfit all of our State’s with the drop bar option, but that can be changed if you’re looking for bullhorns or maybe even flat bars.

The one in the video above is the El Toro, my personal favorite. That red paint really pops with the all black accessories. Enjoy the video and stop on by to give one a spin soon.