Godspeed, you Beer Emperor

We’re bummed that the Four Firkins is closing its doors for the last time this Friday. Jason and the gang have always helped us find the best that beer had to offer and we’ve always left their shop with a smile on our face.

Consider this our standing ovation, our bravo!, our highest praise. Jason, you created something real special and we’re sad to see it go.

Godspeed, you beer emperor.

Saint Paul Crit BBQ + Ride // Event!

om_stpcrit_event_745We love bike racing and when it shows up in our own backyard, we take notice. This Wednesday evening at 6:15 PM, some of the best will line up and rip up our cobbled and not-so-cobbled streets in Downtown St. Paul. We’re all about that. So this Wednesday at 5 PM, we’ll be lighting up our grill, pouring some drinks and handing out the good vibes. Come 6 PM, we’ll hop on our bicycles, ride down the hill and get ready to watch some racing.

If that sounds good to you, we’ll see you Wednesday evening.

Bikes n’ Brews! // Event!


What goes better with bikes, than beer? Maybe friends, and definitely the riding of bikes – so let’s mash them all together in one wonderful weekly event. Friday nights we’re leading a ride to one of our many amazing local breweries. Meet here at 7:30 PM, have your bike ready and wit about you. We’ll try and have the ride finished by 10 PM (but feel free to go as late into the night as you’d like).

Sounds pretty rad, right?

We thought so.

See you this Friday night!

– Your Friendly, Neighborhood Bike (and Beer) Geeks

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Norco Tactic // Photos!

Processed with VSCOcam with 6 preset Processed with VSCOcam with 6 preset Processed with VSCOcam with 6 presetIt was last August somewhere in Iowa when I got the email from Norco. I wasn’t sure what it held, but when I opened the file and saw the renderings of the newly announced 2015 lineup, I immediately focused in on the Tactic SL. Bright, fast and aggressive – I knew this was going to be one heck of a rocket ship.

Fast forward to this past week and finally seeing the Tactic SL built up for a good friend of the shop. We knew we had to share it with ya’ll.

We’re ridiculously excited to see Denise destroy the competition this year with her new steed, but until then we’re happy enough to stare at these photos.

For more, head to our Facebook Page.

30 Days // Event!

IMG_6091Bikes are just awesome.

There. I said it.

It’s April 1st, which means it’s time to celebrate just how awesome bicycles are with #30DaysOfBiking. All month we’ll be sponsoring the movement, supporting local cyclists and putting on a variety of events and rides.

First up – Our weekly Bikes & Beers. Meet us at 7:30 this Friday (if you’re a responsible, of-age individual), and we’ll head out to a local brewery on our bicycles and enjoy a variety of brews and conversations. This week, we’re headed to Wabasha Brewing Co. and their lovely taproom. Hope to see you there!

And stay tuned for new developments and deals as the month progresses.

– Your Friendly, Neighborhood Bike Geeks



om_sonderkrossen_v3Soon our beloved Track will close for another Winter. While we will miss it’s warm, summery embrace, this recent cold snap has brought us back to our senses so that we may now begin to prepare.

We prepare for slick off-camber turns. For mud up to your shins and beyond. For grabbing tiny cups out of the hand of strangers and awkwardly enjoying their offering. For the long nights spent cleaning a bicycle which was pristine only a few hours earlier. For huddling by a propane heater in a drafty tent on days when most sane school administrators would shut their doors.

We prepare, of course, for Cyclocross.

Let us celebrate our Track and welcome the Cyclocross with the traditional rights of SONDERKROSSEN. With food, merriment and funtimes for all we will ring in the changing of the seasons.

We begin at 6PM on September the 19th and continue until we simply cannot anymore. At 7 PM we will have a guest from Seven Cycles (a Mr. John Lewis) come in and chat with us about all the best Seven has to offer. I’m particularly excited about that one.

Furthermore – any Track and Cyclocross items (including BIKES, excluding Tiemeyer framesets) will be 20% off. This includes new 2015 Cyclocross rigs, so if you’re looking to get stoked on cross and need a new bike, we’ll have one for you here at a ridiculous price.

See you there, speed racers.

RSVP here

UPDATE : We will now have preregistration for our #TNCX evening this Friday at SONDERKROSSEN! It’s still just $15, but you’ll be able to avoid all sorts of lines and stuff that generally people find annoying! So swing on by anytime during the evening and prereg and maybe have some free drink on us.

4th Birthday BBQ Blowout // Event!

om_birthdaybbq_4_745We’re turning 4. You may know 4 from such movies as ‘After 3’ and ‘Before 5’. In light of this momentous occasion, we’re going to throw a BBQ. For those of you who just fell off the turnip truck, we do this sort of thing a lot (see previous post).

The Details //

April 26th

10 AM till 8 PM

Here at the Shop. Also in the mysterious Parking Lot.

Ride Bikes. Talk Bikes. Hang out around Bikes.

Special Flat Fix demonstration by this guy.*

Come hang out with us at the Shop and enjoy free food, free drinks and free high fives.

Food from our Grill. Drinks from soda cans and Lucid Brewing. High Fives from our expert staff.

Sounds like an alright Saturday to me.

See you there.

Your Bike Dudes,

Omnium Bike Shop

*Probably erring on the side of definitely not going to happen

Cold Rolled // Video!

Fatbike singletrack?? WHAT

Wouldn’t mind taking a Norco Bigfoot or KHS 4Season 3000 out for a few laps. Heck, with this weather I’m sure we could get something going in the back lot.

Unrelated : If you need us, we’ll be in the back making berms and ramps.

Bikes & Beers // Event!

om_beers_1What goes better with bikes, than beer? Maybe friends, and definitely the riding of bikes – so let’s mash them all together in one wonderful weekly event. It’s the craziest time of year, and generally the one that lacks the most bike centric fun, so we’re going to fix that. Friday nights, from December 13th through the end of January we’re going to have Beer Tasting set up at the shop. Meet here at 7 PM, admission is free but please bring a beer or two to share. There will be a different host each week with a different theme to try. Afterwards we’ll ride some bikes and just generally hang out. Sound like fun?

We thought so.

Join us, Friday December 13th for the inaugural event. Mr. Dennis from previous post fame will be presenting an interesting take on Porters V. Stouts. He’s a wise in these matters, so it’ll definitely be interesting.

See you there.

– Your Friendly, Neighborhood Bike (and Beer) Geeks

Dennis Hanold // Commuter Profile!

Processed with VSCOcam with f3 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with f3 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with f3 preset Cycling has been, and always will be, a great way to get from point A to point B. Commuting by bicycle is simple, efficient and downright fun! Sometimes in a climate such as our’s, it can be a little bit intimidating and when we head into the throes of Winter riding a bike can seem borderline insane! But never fear – we’ve scoured the land to bring you profiles of some of our favorite Commuters and Customers to get their take on how they get by in these darkest of days.

First up – Mr. Dennis Hanold! Dennis was one of our very first customers and he’s stuck with us ever since. We’re always impressed by his affability and general easy-going way, but when he suits up and takes on a Winter commute he means business! Bright, USB Rechargeable Lights from Serfas along with a pair of Waterproof Panniers from the Brothers Banjo and a Giro Surface S Winter Helmet with a pair of Lake MXZ303 Winter Boots providing protection and warmth on the coldest of days. We asked him a couple questions about his commute and habits to better your understanding of how to tackle the elements!

Omnium : How long have you been riding a bike?

Dennis : I learned to ride a bike from my older brother when I was about 9, which means 47 years more or less.

Omnium : What is your commute like and how long does it take you on average?

Dennis : My commute this year is a breeze, just 10 miles round trip.

Omnium : What is your favorite part of commuting to work?

Dennis : I leave a bit before 5:30 AM, so it’s pretty quiet. That is energizing all by itself. Throw in a bit of exercise and I drink coffee more as a warmer than a stimulant. When the birds return in the Spring, it is awesome.

Omnium : Favorite products that make commuting in the Winter easier, or maybe even downright enjoyable?

Dennis : My boots and helmet. A regular helmet has too much ventilation when the temperature drops below 40*. The insulated helmet makes  skull cap optional (for me) at 30. The Lake Boots keep my toes delightfully warm.

Omnium : Finally, any Winter Riding tips for our Customers?

Dennis : Allow a little extra time and turn on the lights. Be a spectacle!

Thanks a ton, Dennis! It’s always fun when you stop on by. And if you’d like to meet Dennis, be sure to swing by at our Friday Night Beer Tasting that we’ll be putting on this December 19th at 7 PM. It’s gonna be a blast!