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» Racing Omnium Bike Shop



Go fast(er)

We love to go fast.

Omnium supports local racing. We sponsor events, spend time up at our lovely Track – The NSC Velodrome¬†and race a ton ourselves. We know what kind of a sacrifice it takes to be an active racer, so we’ve come up with a little way to help make that easier. If you’re a current USAC Licensed racer and present your current license at our shop, we’re going to give you 15% off your purchase. It’s that easy.

While we’re out there on the Track, at the CX Course or rocking the weeknight Criterium; we’re doing it in the colors of Omnium Racing. Omnium Racing is our dream team, encompassing all the ideals and beliefs that we wanted to find in a team. If you’re interested in joining or finding out more, please visit their website here.