Bigfoot Season // New!

It’s back.

When the Bigfoot first hit the shop two years ago, we were floored. Up until that point, decent Fat Bikes were in the realm of 2K, with a few dipping into the 1K+ market. Then Norco talked with us that year at Interbike and said ‘We think we can make a pretty great Fatbike, but it’d be under 1,000 USD – do you think it would sell?’

Needless to say, we said yes.

We’ve always sold out of these and so the name is pretty appropriate. It only took two weeks to blow through our original supply when it debuted and last year it took a bit longer – but still more demand than supply. We’re sure that this year will be no different, so be sure to come into the shop and take advantage of #BigfootSeason while it lasts.

Norco Tactic // Photos!

Processed with VSCOcam with 6 preset Processed with VSCOcam with 6 preset Processed with VSCOcam with 6 presetIt was last August somewhere in Iowa when I got the email from Norco. I wasn’t sure what it held, but when I opened the file and saw the renderings of the newly announced 2015 lineup, I immediately focused in on the Tactic SL. Bright, fast and aggressive – I knew this was going to be one heck of a rocket ship.

Fast forward to this past week and finally seeing the Tactic SL built up for a good friend of the shop. We knew we had to share it with ya’ll.

We’re ridiculously excited to see Denise destroy the competition this year with her new steed, but until then we’re happy enough to stare at these photos.

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Norco Road 2015 // New!

IMG_5670IMG_5675 IMG_5672Another fantastic weekend for tires of a smaller diameter. It’s time to dust off the gas pedal, and step on it. 

You may remember Norco from Bigfoot and Bigfoot : The Bigfootening – but they do more than just mythical woodland creatures. They produce a heck of a road line as well, with options for any and all who prefer the small hum of the pavement over the rocky alcoves and drop-offs of the off road world.

Broken down between the three you have –

The Tactic : Aggressive. Fast. Nimble. Leave them in your dust, come back around and do it all again. We stock the Tactic Rival for the pragmatic racer in us all.

The Valence : Go far and look good doing it. Who says good carbon has to break the bank? We stock the Valence Tiagra for those who yearn to go the distance.

The Search : Where we’re going, we don’t need roads. Or really anything. Ask us if the Search is right for you.

So come on in and try out some of the new faces of Norco 2015. You’ll be glad you did, and we’ll be happy to have the company.

Norco 2015 Teaser // Video!

Driving us crazy over here, Norco! Some really exciting stuff coming down our way from our friends to the north!

Norco Tactic 3 // Auction Preview!

Processed with VSCOcam with k2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with k2 presetWe’re coming up quick on our Year-End-Party and Auction! As is customary, we’ll be spending this week on our Blog and Social Medias giving you hints and sneak previews into what will be up on the auction block!

A SPECIAL DAY 4 2nd UPDATE : The Norco Tactic 3! It’s Winter, sure, but eventually it will leave (barring an assault by an Ice Queen or something like that). And when it leaves, what better way to celebrate Summer’s onset than a ride on your Brand-New-Road bike? We’ve got a Norco Tactic 3, size 55cm up for grabs at our Saturday Auction. If you’re thinking about making the jump to full carbon fiber, this is the bike for you. With a Shimano 105 drive-train, FSA BB30 Crankset, Shimano Wheels and Clement 25c Road Tires this guy can take you far away, at a pace faster than you thought possible.

Regularly $2,000, on Saturday Night we’ll be starting this guy off at only $1,000.

Be sure to RSVP on our Facebook page if you haven’t already! See you Saturday Night!

Norco Bigfoot // New!

Processed with VSCOcam with c2 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with c3 presetIf you’ve been paying attention to our industry lately, you’ve seen the meteoric rise of the Fatbike. Pioneered by a few, then made commercially viable by Surly Bikes, the Fatbike was built for Minnesotan Winters. Where other bikes falter, the Fatbike rises above, gracefully floating over snow, sand or any other particularly loose material. This is a bike that will turn a typically  boring season spent on a trainer to it’s own brand of racing, riding and generally debauchery. All this said, it’s pretty easy to understand our excitement when Norco announced that they were stepping a foot into the ring.

The Norco Bigfoot is a great example of what a company can do when it takes the time to pay attention to a trend, learn from other’s mistakes and goes all in. It’s an Aluminum Frame, based on their popular 29” and 27.5” platform the Charger. This keeps weight down, but more importantly, makes it a little more nimble than it’s competitors. A 2×9 Shimano drivetrain keeps thing’s spinning, and keeps the large 4” tires moving forward.

And the best part? All this for $1,399.

We’re getting a limited amount this December, but have two in stock right now. If you’re interested – swing on by and take it for a spin, they’re a ton of fun. The tracks already laid down in the shop is a testament to that.

Another photo and a great video below the cut –

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Lucid Racing // Team Sponsorship

Processed with VSCOcam with c2 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with c2 presetLucid Brewing has been pretty good to us, and when EJ from Lucid approached us with a plan to sponsor their own Brewery CX Team, we jumped at the chance. It just makes sense. So we got together with Stellar Bags and the Minneapolis Musette and did what we could to get these guys outfitted proper. We think the end result looks pretty good.

Watch for these guys alongside our Omnium Racing crew to be killing it this weekend at both races. And be sure to pick up a sixer of Lucid next time you’re in your local establishment, it’s quite tasty.

Norco Tactic 3 // New!

export-342013 has brought about a lot of new things into the cycling world. One of the biggest is the advent of well-equipped, Full Carbon bikes for a reasonable price point. With carbon now within reach of many consumers, it’s important to choose wisely.

Which brings us to one of our new Brands in the shop – Norco.

Known for it’s MTB’s, Norco isn’t exactly common in the vocabulary of those who ride skinnier tires. That said, they’ve come out of the gate swinging. Using it’s prolific carbon shaping technology once specialized for burlier framesets to create frames that are both durable and a blast to ride. Where this bike shines is in the last 20 meters of a sprint. This is to say, it is a stiff beast of a racing bicycle. The best part? With a 105 group, FSA BB30 (not BB30 ready) crank and full internal routing it’s only $1999.99. 

But really, we should let the fact that it’s freakin’ gorgeous win you over. See above and below.