Nature Valley 2012

I realize this is old news at this point, but holy racing Batman!

Great to see all the PRO’s hanging about in our very own St. Paul. Thanks to everyone for swinging by for our Pre-Crit BBQ. You can bet that’ll be happening again next year. As well as a couple other fun events. We’re just getting started.

Thanks to everyone who makes this race a reality! It really showcases just what makes our city/state so special.

We’ll be seeing ya’ll next year.


Your Friendly Neighborhood Race Shop

Steal This


#LuckyCat got into our secret stash and went on an impromptu pub crawl last night. When he came back at 8 AM we noticed he had not bathed and that our coasters were all gone. All except this one. If you’re lucky enough to find one at the bottom of your pint just follow the instructions and everything will be peachy keen.

Also if anyone has any aspirin, Mr. #LuckyCat would certainly be in your debt.

Lucky Cat


Here is my friend, Mr. Lucky Cat.

You’ll be seeing Mr. Lucky Cat a lot this season. Expect him at Crits, the Track, cycling related events and other good times. He’s all about bikes and we’re rather fond of him in the shop. Come in and say hi, he’d really appreciate it. ┬áHe’s been rather cooped up (not a fan of Minnesotan winters) so he’s looking forward to warm days and long coffee rides.

See you out on the road, ya’ll.



P.S. – He seems to have gotten ahold of our Twitter account. If you see the #LuckyCat hashtag, it’ll be Lucky Cat up to no good…