Lake MXZ 303 Winter Boots // First Impressions

om_lake_1 om_lake_2Lake Boots have long been the standard for Winter Footwear in the cycling world. In Minnesota, where the threat of frostbitten toes isn’t so much a nightmare as it is a reality, clothing is key. For years when you asked your local bike shop what they used, they’d proudly point to their own pair, firmly on their feet, and grin in a knowing way.

In the shops I’ve worked, I’ve long envied those who plopped down the considerable dough and purchased a pair. Usually as soon as the weather would get dangerous, the few pairs that weren’t picked over by employees went quickly to customers. Those who owned them tended to use them for years and years, a shoe repair place in Dinkytown actually specializes in the care and maintenance of the boot; a testament to it’s quality and ubiquity. Where Winter takes up half (or more) of your riding time, not having to think about how many layers you’ll put on your feet (and yet still be cold), is one of the greatest gifts a year-round-cyclist can be given.

When Lake debuted their latest version of the ‘Lake Boot’, we were intrigued to say the least. Once we had tried a pair on we knew we had to get them in stock. We’re big believers in using proven products, and the ‘Lake Boot’ certainly hasn’t let anyone down.

This time around, however, they’ve fixed a few bugs that have nagged at users in the past. Gone is the Velcro upper, replaced by an adjustable strap with a secure plastic clip. Other than that, the BOA lacing system has stuck around, as well as the GoreTex and Vibram sole.

We’ve used them for a couple of weeks now and can confidently say that the MXZ 303 follows in it’s ancestors tradition. Put them on with a light sock, and you’re covered for all the but coldest temps. Waterproof, Windproof, Warm. All you could ever want.

SPD Compatible and comes in any color you’d like (as long as it’s black). And only $279.99. 

Oh, and it’s also %15 Off until the end of February.