CATEYE Strada Slim // New!

om_strada_1om_strada_3om_strada_2Bike computers aren’t exciting. They don’t get to be exciting. They sit on your stem/handlebar and tick off the miles. You set them up with the tiniest zip ties in the world (try not to break one of these), diddle around with the settings and don’t think about it again until it stops working. Just all around a boring, frustrating endeavor.

CATEYE has long been a purveyor of sensible bicycling products and their Strada series of computers has long set the bar the rest of the industry. With it’s one button system, relatively easy set-up and large screen for it’s diminutive size, it was an unobtrusive joy to work with. So when they came out with the new ‘Slim’ version, it was with relatively little fanfare. In an age of GPS based cycle computers to release an update on an older wireless system seemed a little out of place, but I kid you not when I tell you this is the only bike computer I’ve ever loved. Let me tell you why :

1. Easy to set up. And when I say easy, like ‘Plug and Play’ easy. No more zip ties, we now have super easy to use rubber bands. No more ridiculous button combinations, just a few clicks and it’s set up. The sensor zone is well marked. Just everything is a dream to work with.

2. It’s way smaller. Like WAY smaller. Look at how small that is. But the display? Bigger. Nuts.

3. Everything you need to know and nothing you don’t. And as opposed to its newer, shinier GPS cousins, when you go under a tree it doesn’t spend five minutes figuring out where the heck you’ve gone.

Somehow, with all of the wizbang GPS units coming left and right, CATEYE stuck to what they know best and produced the most exciting thing to happen to bike computers in a long time. And bike computers aren’t exciting, but this time they get to be.

Camp Ride + Blogs // Video!

Summer can’t get here soon enough. A bike, a road, a pack and a map is all you need. Maybe a couple Pearson’s Salted Nut Rolls to make sure you keep your energy levels up.

Consider this your Bike Camping Stoke, I found it on one of my favorite Blogs to peruse when I get tired of our colder temps – Blue Lug. A shop based over in Japan, these guys do some insane customization stuff with Surly Bikes (among others). Plus – if you’re looking for the newest MUSA (Made in USA) product, chances are they’ll put it up before any other shop in the States.

And if there large archive isn’t enough to keep you sated, welcome to the wonderful world of Super stoked, always happy dudes that make some of the raddest bikes around. Pro Tip : Google Translate – it takes it right to 11.

Don’t let Old Man Winter get you down. We’ll have Sun and Bike Rides soon enough.