Bikes & Beers // Event!

om_beers_1What goes better with bikes, than beer? Maybe friends, and definitely the riding of bikes – so let’s mash them all together in one wonderful weekly event. It’s the craziest time of year, and generally the one that lacks the most bike centric fun, so we’re going to fix that. Friday nights, from December 13th through the end of January we’re going to have Beer Tasting set up at the shop. Meet here at 7 PM, admission is free but please bring a beer or two to share. There will be a different host each week with a different theme to try. Afterwards we’ll ride some bikes and just generally hang out. Sound like fun?

We thought so.

Join us, Friday December 13th for the inaugural event. Mr. Dennis from previous post fame will be presenting an interesting take on Porters V. Stouts. He’s a wise in these matters, so it’ll definitely be interesting.

See you there.

– Your Friendly, Neighborhood Bike (and Beer) Geeks

“Go out and ride” // Video!

It’s a fact – Winter is at our door. But what is Winter, but an opportunity to test your resolve and go out to ride your bike. I think everyone needs to have a little crazy in their lives, something that makes others go ‘What?!’. So if you’re thinking of putting up the wheels and letting the Season die remember, it’s just as bad in Solvenia.

Thanks for the little bit of solidarity, Pici-Bici. We’re with ya.

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Fall & Winter Glove Guide Pt. 3 // The FOX Anti-Freeze

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Gloves can make or break a ride. A lot of cyclists focus extensively on jackets, base-layers, shoes, shoe covers, etc… but fail to consider their fingers when it comes to bad weather riding. And if you can’t feel your fingers (or worse, when you can’t move them) riding a bike is going to put you in some hairy situations. That said – here’s our handy Bad Weather Glove Guide to keep you on your bike even in the cold and wet conditions that are fast approaching. Part 3 is all about the FOX Anti-Freeze Glove.

Enjoy the full review after the break –

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Year End Party & Auction! // December 14th


Third time’s a charm!

Free Food from Cheeky Monkey Deli and The French Hen

Free beer from Lucid Brewing

Free wine from Solo Vino

Lots of amazing give-aways, Tons of items up for Auction (all starting at below cost!) – Including bikes! Wheels! Tires! Clothing and More!

This December 14th from 7 PM to 10 PM.

Come join us for a heck of a good time.

P.S. – The FAQ still applies if you’re wondering what’s what.

A Spring Tune

om_springtuneIt’s that magical time of year. Spring is right around the corner, and if you’re anything like us, you’ve taken your main squeeze out of the dark hole that is your garage and noticed that maybe she needs a little love. Maybe the shifting’s a little off. Maybe the chains a little rusty. Maybe those brakes just don’t grab like they used to. Whatever the case, it’s time to bring that bicycle over to us get it tuned.

Things you should know about bringing your bicycle in for a Spring Tune Up at Omnium Bike Shop.

1. Bring it in early. Probably now. Now would be an amazing time. 

It’s getting busy here and it’s only going to get busier. Right now, we’re well on track with our 5-Business Day Turn Around. Bring your bicycle in on a Monday or Tuesday and you’re most likely getting that back on Friday (barring any unforeseen circumstances). As more bikes fill up our space, it’s difficult to keep that quick turn-around. So with that said – Yes, today would be a perfect day to bring in your bicycle!

2. Pay for what we did – not what we didn’t.

This is a big part of who we are. Pay for what we did, not what we didn’t. If you bring in your bike and we say we can fix it, and then we can’t – you don’t owe us a thing. Pretty simple, but makes a lot of sense.

3. Drivetrains look (and work) good when they’re shiny. 

Bring in your bike and we’ll run down everything with you. Go over what we could do, should do, won’t do type of thing. That said, we’ll probably offer up our Drivetrain clean with our Tune-Up. For $40 more, we take apart your drivetrain and get it looking as close to new as it ever will again. Aside from the great feeling you’ll get looking at it, it’ll work better too. I definitely recommend it if the bicycle calls for it.

It’s time to make your bike the happiest bike in all of the land.

– Your Friendly Neighborhood Bike Geeks

Auction Preview! Day 5 – Zipp + Kurt Kinetic!

Auction Preview Day 5!

Up For Auction : Zipp 303 Firecrest Wheelset. These babies do it all – Training, Racing, Kicking Butt on your Wednesday Night Ride. Light enough for climbing, stiff enough for the sprint. Ride what the PRO’s ride for a fraction of the cost. Slap on your favorite tubulars and get to work.

MSRP : $2,300 – Bidding Starts at only $1,000


Also Up For Auction : Kurt Kinetic Cyclone Wind Trainer. It’s cold. It’s wet. Maybe you can’t get out and ride. Maybe you don’t want to. But you need that fitness for when the snow clears and it’s Tan Line Season again. Keep that fitness up with the Kurt Kinetic Cyclone. With realistic Wind-based resistance, it’s sure to kick your hiney into shape. Set up is a breeze and works with 700c, 27” or 26” wheels.

MSRP : $240 – Bidding Starts at only $50

There you go. Keep in shape or cheat the wind. You can have both!

There’s your Day 5! Follow us on TwitterFacebook or here at the Blog for Day 6, which will be the Day of the Auction!

Special Auction Announcement! – Minnesota Roller Girls All Stars!

We’re excited to announce that our MC and Hostess(es) for the Omnium Year-End-Auction and Party this Saturday will be the Minnesota Roller Girl All Stars!

“The Minnesota RollerGirls All-Star team is an elite group of derby soliders dedicated to defending the Minnesota RollerGirls top ranking.” They’ll be helping us give-away door prizes, auction off items and help dish out all the food and beer. They’re the best of the best, and we’re stoked that they’ve come on board to help us make this a success!

Learn more about the All Stars here: MN Roller Girls All Stars – We’ll see ya’ll there Saturday Night!

Year End Party & Auction – December 8th

Doing it all over again.

Free Food from Cheeky Monkey Deli

Free beer from Lucid Brewing

Free wine from Solo Vino

Lots of amazing give-aways, Tons of items up for Auction (all starting at below cost!) – Including bikes! Wheels! Tires! Clothing and More!

This December 8th from 7 PM to 10 PM.

Come join us for a heck of a good time.


Q : Will there be Good Times at this event? 

A : There will most certainly be good times at this event. Please see your local GTA (Good Times Association) for quantified data sheets about how many Good Times you can expect.

Q : How does the Auction itself work?

A : It is a Live Auction. You register at the door (registration necessary for participation as well as Door Prizes) and are given a card with your number. Each item is put to Auction and then you may bid in the increment the Auctioneer calls out for the item (‘500 do I hear 550?’, for example). Once you win your bid, you are liable for the amount stated during the bidding and must purchase the product that evening.

Q : Does it cost anything to participate? 

A : No it does not! Completely free to show up, register and enjoy our fine beverages/foodstuffs. By registering you gain the ability to win door prizes! That’s pretty cool!

Q : Will my friends be there?

A : I don’t know! As someone who doesn’t actually have friends, I am unaware as to how they behave. I bet if you invite them to join you they might be! So you should totally do that!

Q : Door Prizes? Auction Items? Like what?

A : Watch our Twitter ( and Facebook ( this week to find out more! We’ll be leaking all the deals, special Door Prizes and exciting news via those two outlets!

Q : I don’t really like sardines on my pizza, but my Wife is crazy for them. What should I do? 

A : You are in the wrong place, but if you both like good bike discounts, great deals and free stuff – come join us December 8th!

SONDERKROSSEN – September 14th

Friday, September 14th at 5 PM we’re going to have a little get together. It’s that time of year when our two great loves meet; Track is done but Cross has just yet begun. For one shining month we’ll have both and we’re going to celebrate in style.

Beer? We’ll have that. Food? That too. How about some rocking deals on Track and Cross gear? You betcha. (Including this guy).

We’ll also have our full line of Blue CX bikes out for display (not to mention special deals on those guys as well).

So come on in and celebrate the death of one season and the beginning of another.

The Track is dead!

Long live the Cyclocross!


Track Season

As is tradition here at Omnium Bike Shop, we’re now in the thick of Track Racing Season. This means one thing, Track Racing hours. Starting this Thursday we’re going to be closing at 4 PM so Dan, myself and the rest of our misfit band can head on up to Blaine. It’s going to be a ball. We’ll be posting photos, fun facts and more from Thursday Night Lights.

We hate to close our doors to ya’ll, but really believe in our local Track. You should come on up and join us. Find out all you need to know to be a spectator (or race!) here:

See ya’ll tomorrow night!