Taco & Funk & 20% Off EVERYTHING Party // Event!

om_taco_2_bluWe’re in that weird in-between. That time when Summer’s not quite over, but the days are getting shorter and the pull of the Cyclocross is strong…

This is to say, we’re in a bit of a funk.

And the best way to get rid of a funk? Make things funky.

We’re gonna blast funk music all day long, drink and have FREE TACOS for anyone who’s up for beating the funk with us this August 23rd.

But that’s not all. How about 10% off a select few objects in the store?

You’re right, not exciting, but you know what is? 20% OFF OF EVERY SINGLE THING IN THE STORE!


So we’ll see you August 23rd because I know, and you know, that together we can beat this funk.

Did I mention free tacos?

4th Birthday BBQ Blowout // Event!

om_birthdaybbq_4_745We’re turning 4. You may know 4 from such movies as ‘After 3’ and ‘Before 5’. In light of this momentous occasion, we’re going to throw a BBQ. For those of you who just fell off the turnip truck, we do this sort of thing a lot (see previous post).

The Details //

April 26th

10 AM till 8 PM

Here at the Shop. Also in the mysterious Parking Lot.

Ride Bikes. Talk Bikes. Hang out around Bikes.

Special Flat Fix demonstration by this guy.*

Come hang out with us at the Shop and enjoy free food, free drinks and free high fives.

Food from our Grill. Drinks from soda cans and Lucid Brewing. High Fives from our expert staff.

Sounds like an alright Saturday to me.

See you there.

Your Bike Dudes,

Omnium Bike Shop

*Probably erring on the side of definitely not going to happen

Lucid Silo Release Ride & Party // Event!

om_lucidsilo_event_745It’s April, and we know what’s on your mind – Bikes N Brews. We here at Omnium Bike Shop have partnered up with those dudes at Lucid Brewing to make their yearly release of Silo Saison something special! We’re going to load up a keg of their finest and bike it from their brewery all the way to the heart of Saint Paul, Cathedral Hill. There, we’ll have a little shindig to celebrate a great ride and welcome Spring*!

Ride Details:

Meet at 10:30am and leave from Lucid Brewing at 11:00am sharp. Let us know if you will be joining us!

Meet some Lucid Racing team members and help tow the first keg of Silo to Omnium Bike Shop in honor of Spring and 30 Days of Biking

Enjoy refreshments on us at the shop, join the Lucid team in some #30DaysofBiking and help us kick of spring and another great year!

*Spring may or may not be present for the ride. A weird and awkward Winter might take it’s place.

30 Days Of Biking // Event!

A Community of Joyful Cyclists.

There it is – five words that bring us together. Whatever you ride, whenever you ride and for any reason you can imagine – it’s just about getting on the bike and having a good time. #30DaysOfBiking started right here in good ol’ MN and it makes sense that it came from a place that has adopted cycling as thoroughly as we have. Here, it’s not a big deal to hop on your bike and ride down to your neighborhood DQ or one of our (many) lakes for a swim. We’re excited to have this ‘holiday’ to celebrate our daily rides and share them with others.

So when Patrick Stephenson (Cyclist, Writer and one of the founders of #30DOB) puts out the call for sponsors to help make this the best April yet, we were completely on board. All this month we’ll be putting on rides, events and offering a few deals to help ya’ll make this #30DOB the best yet.

If you’re not entirely sure what I’m talking about and want to hop on the joy train, you can pledge here. It’s really simple. Make the pledge. Ride your bike every day in April. Share it with others.

And if you are signed up, we hope to see you at the Kickoff Ride this Sunday, March 30th!