Rolf Prima Wheel Systems // New!

Processed with VSCOcam with s2 presetOf all the products that impressed us at Interbike, it was a product we had already decided to carry that impressed us the most. Rolf Prima Wheel Systems, a pioneer of the paired spoke system, has quietly been making some of the best wheels available in the country for the past 15 Years. With their Patented Paired-Spoke lacing technique and a variety of other proprietary technologies, their wheels are sure to be a welcome upgrade to anyone’s bike – be it MTB, Road or Tri.

One of the most exciting features is their partnership with White Industries. Known for their high quality, Made-In-The-USA products, White Industries makes one heck of a hubset. Rolf worked with White to design all of their hubs and make most of the hubs used on their wheels. Rolf is also moving to make their rims in-house as well (see more here).

Along with stocking Rolf Wheels at the shop, they’ve also partnered up with us to provide Neutral Wheel Support at all the Minnesota Cyclocross Races we’re at! If you thrash your wheels and we’re in the pit, stop on by and get back in the game. Be sure to stop on by anyways this weekend and give them a look! We’ll have them lined up outside our Tent.

We’ll have more info on products from Interbike just as soon as I get my photos organized. Be sure to watch our Blog and Facebook page for more.


om_sc_track1It’s happening again and we’re powerless against it. The seasons change and with this change comes a farewell to our beloved wooden bowl up in Blaine. But do not despair, local racers, for another distraction is upon you. Something which will absorb your newly freed weekends and evenings with an astonishing speed – the Season of Cyclocross is upon us.

So we celebrate our 2013 Track Season and we ring in our 2013/14 Cross Season with the traditional rights of SONDERKROSSEN. There will be food. There will be drink. There will be merriment.

Also maybe some really sweet announcements and product deals.

See you there.

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Giro Empire MTB LE // New!

IMG_0490As Cyclocross Season draws neigh, some of you lack proper footwear. Your friends at Giro expected this, and created a lovely line of shoes for training, racing and just generally enjoying your Cyclocross Bicycle. But after they created these magnificent shoes, they saw something was missing. A shoe for the cycling connoisseurs. A shoe for the fashionista within. A shoe for your uncle that goes “hunting” for two weeks every year, but comes back smelling heavily of embrocation and suspiciously lacks any trophies.

Enter the Giro Empire MTB LE.

Did we mention it comes in Camo? Camo with orange laces and lugs. It’s a work of art.

We have three pairs left. Numbers 184, 237 and 317 of 400 Total Pairs made. The last three pairs left in Minnesota. Crazy awesome.

The sizes left are : 44, 44.5 and 45. MSRP on these bad boys is $274.99.

If you’re interested, come on in and try a pair on today!

45NRTH Xerxes Studded Tire // First Impressions

om_xerxes_1om_xerxes_245NRTH has brought something new to the Studded Tire game. How about a tire that works equally well on ice as it does on pavement? How about a tire that doesn’t ride like a rock and sound like a swarm of angry bees? Welcome to the Xerxes.

It’s a cross tire first and a studded tire second. It’s flexible like a normal tire – even the wire bead 27 TPI version we’re stocking can fold in on itself. You’ll also notice that despite it’s 140 stud count (fairly high up there for a 30c tire) the studs are evenly spaced on either side of the center tread. This, I’ve noticed, leads to two advantages which both have to do with the tire’s suppleness.

1. Crank that puppy up to about 70 or 75 PSI and you’re not going to hear a peep out of those studs. Why? They aren’t directly in contact with the road anymore. The center block lifts them up, lending it to behave almost like a standard road tire. Less rolling resistance than any other 140 studded tire I’ve come across – which isn’t saying a lot – but sure is nice.

2. Let out that air and get down to a 30 or 35 PSI and you’ll talking full on contact (most of the time). You’ll start to hear the studs and here’s the best part – the casing moves and conforms to the terrain. Like I said before – A CX tire with studs. The studs help you out on the glare ice, but when you hit the bumpy stuff you’ll still feel comfortable (or at the very least stay upright).

It’s not perfect for everything, but it gets pretty darn close. It also requires a little more attention than the average studded tire, which is just fine. Just like a CX tire variable pressure is the advantage and it’s been a learning experience figuring out what works for what conditions.

At then end of the day for 90% of what an average MN Winter contains, you’re going to be set with these guys. They excel at the usual clear roads/trails that we’re lucky to have, and help you out if you happen to come across a nasty patch or two.

But as 45NRTH is based locally, we shouldn’t have expected any less! Bravo! Full review up on the Blog shortly.

Auction Preview! Day 2 – Mavic

Auction Preview Day 2!

Up For Auction : Mavic Ksyrium SR’s with Challenge Grifo Tubulars. Cross season is over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start planning for next year. A 1,500 gram tubular wheelset combined with the Grifo’s all-around tread pattern makes this your new secret weapon. With free gluing included with the purchase, you’re sure to dominate in 2013!

MSRP : $1,440 – Bidding Starts at only $700. 

What we’ll be Giving Away : Mavic Ksyrium Elites! A lovely clincher wheelset, great for upgrading whatever you have already or a better-than-average training wheelset if you’re set up with the carbons. A $675 value, and one lucky Auction-Goer will get to go home with them free. 

And that’s what you get for Day 2. Follow us on TwitterFacebook or here at the Blog for Day 3′s preview!

State CX Champs This Weekend

Kind of like this video.

Only colder.

Much colder.

See you out there, racers. And hecklers. And beer drinkers.


Omnium Bike Shop

EDIT: Okay, maybe not so cold


Velocross was once again spectacular. Omnium Racing was out in full force and Caleb even brought home a podium finish!

Plus: Waffle Van. How can you go wrong with a Waffle Van. Answer – You can’t.

See you next weekend, Racers. And Hecklers. And Beer Hander Uppers.

The Next Step

We’re in the thick of it.

Almost finished with October and then it’s straight on into the final months of MN CX. Maybe you’re thinking it’s time to upgrade a bit. Time to sharpen the arrows in your quiver, prepare for the final battle, as it were. Tubular tires are definitely the way to go if you’re going to get serious, but some of you don’t want to plop down a cool grand (or more) on a new wheel set. Well, nerding out over tires and cyclocross go hand in hand, and there’s some great clincher options that’ll work with what you’ve got. We’ve got just the triple threat to help you make it to that top step.

Learn more after the cut.

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Norcross SL – Your new ‘A’ Bike

Just gonna start off with this: $2999.99

That, along with the sexy photo you see above, might get your attention.

And yes, that number corresponds to that photo. Full Ultegra. American Classic wheelset. Full-Carbon Frame with Tapered Full-Carbon Fork. TRP Canti’s. Fast Rollin’ Hutchinson tires. It’s all set for State Champs. If you’re looking for a full on ‘A’ bike – if that Aluminum or Steel rig you’ve been rocking all season isn’t cutting it anymore – here’s your guy. Come on in and give it a shot. You’ve got the fitness. You’ve made it this far. Now it’s time to take it to the next level.

More photos under the cut.

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We love us some Single Speed Cross – and what more exemplary of such a love than the World Championship? Rain, mud, love – all the best of our Cyclocross season. Just make sure you’re okay with getting a tattoo if you win the coveted stripes. During these dry and dusty ‘Summer’ races, we can take heart that soon such weather will pass and we’ll truly be in the mud pit.

And for those of you not currently in possession of such a single speed bike, why not the Cinelli MASH SSCX? We currently have a full size run heading our way of these wondrous frames and we have just a few left up for grabs. Tapered head tube, lightweight Columbus Aluminums, Beefy SS dropouts – The stuff CX Dreams are made of. Did I mention the full carbon fork? I apologize if I didn’t.

Once again, we’re throwing a party for those of you who haven’t heard. 5 PM. Beer, Food, Fun. We’re also going to have something CRAZY GOOD deal wise go down. Let’s just call em party favors.

See you there, CX Racers.