Special Auction Announcement! – Minnesota Roller Girls All Stars!

We’re excited to announce that our MC and Hostess(es) for the Omnium Year-End-Auction and Party this Saturday will be the Minnesota Roller Girl All Stars!

“The Minnesota RollerGirls All-Star team is an elite group of derby soliders dedicated to defending the Minnesota RollerGirls top ranking.” They’ll be helping us give-away door prizes, auction off items and help dish out all the food and beer. They’re the best of the best, and we’re stoked that they’ve come on board to help us make this a success!

Learn more about the All Stars here: MN Roller Girls All Stars – We’ll see ya’ll there Saturday Night!

Auction Preview! Day 4 – Cinelli Bicycles!

Auction Preview Day 4!

Up For Auction : Cinelli Saetta 105. Full Columbus Carbon, Shimano 105 equipped with Cinelli’s sense of style. It’s a looker, that’s for sure. Lightweight and stiff due to the special shaping of the monocoque frame, you’ll forget it’s beneath you as you power to a town line sprint.

MSRP : $3,000 – Bidding Starts at only $1,500

Also Up For Auction :  Cinelli Gazzetta Della Strada. This Columbus Steel, Shimano equipped commuter is just the thing for year round riding in MN. Classified as a ‘Light-Touring’ rig, it’s both fast and stable. Perfect for commuting around the city or touring out to Wisconsin or Iowa country to escape it all.

MSRP : $1,350 – Bidding Starts at only $600

That’s right. $600 dollars. That’s like almost giving it away. It’s that good.

Did I mention that both of these (as well as every other bicycle for sale at our Auction) comes with a full professional fitting session? Because they totally do.

There’s your Day 4! Follow us on TwitterFacebook or here at the Blog for Day 5′s preview!

P.S. – We’ll have a lil extra special announcement this evening. It’s a deal too good for regular updates!

Auction Preview! Day 3 – UVEX + What’s that hoodie Dan’s wearing?

Auction Preview Day 3!

Up For Auction : UVEX FP3 + SGL 202 Vario set. The FP3 is our top-of-the-line. UVEX’s lightest, most ventilated and sexiest offering is being paired with their SGL 202 Sunglasses. With Variochromatic technology, it’ll change with the ambient light to whatever shade you need. As you can see above, Dan is wondering why exactly we should auction this lovely set off. The answer, of course, being that we must share the love.

MSRP : $350 – Bidding Starts at only $100

What we’ll be Giving Away : As you can also see from the above photo, Mr. Dan is rocking one of our lovely Zip hoodies. We’ll not just be giving away a few of those, but also plenty of other Omnium Tee’s, Sweatshirts and socks. Slick!

There’s your Day 3! Follow us on TwitterFacebook or here at the Blog for Day 4′s preview!

Auction Preview! Day 2 – Mavic

Auction Preview Day 2!

Up For Auction : Mavic Ksyrium SR’s with Challenge Grifo Tubulars. Cross season is over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start planning for next year. A 1,500 gram tubular wheelset combined with the Grifo’s all-around tread pattern makes this your new secret weapon. With free gluing included with the purchase, you’re sure to dominate in 2013!

MSRP : $1,440 – Bidding Starts at only $700. 

What we’ll be Giving Away : Mavic Ksyrium Elites! A lovely clincher wheelset, great for upgrading whatever you have already or a better-than-average training wheelset if you’re set up with the carbons. A $675 value, and one lucky Auction-Goer will get to go home with them free. 

And that’s what you get for Day 2. Follow us on TwitterFacebook or here at the Blog for Day 3′s preview!

Auction Preview! Day 1 – Bont CTT3’s and $25 Gift Card Give-Away!

Auction Preview Day 1!

Up For Auction : The Bont CTT3 with Giro Supernatural Insoles! Forget about your shoe issues, win this item and you’ll get a fully heat moldable pair of Bonts in whatever size you need PLUS a full fitting by one of our Bont experts. Combined with the Giro Supernatural Insoles, you’ll never think about your feet again (in the good way).

MSRP : $225 – Bidding Starts at only $100!

What we’ll be Giving Away : How does an Omnium Water Bottle filled with a $25 Gift Card sound? We’ll be handing out 4 of these bad boys to Auction-Goers. Slick!

Welp, that’s about it for Day 1. Follow us on TwitterFacebook or here at the Blog for Day 2’s preview!

Year End Party & Auction – December 8th

Doing it all over again.

Free Food from Cheeky Monkey Deli

Free beer from Lucid Brewing

Free wine from Solo Vino

Lots of amazing give-aways, Tons of items up for Auction (all starting at below cost!) – Including bikes! Wheels! Tires! Clothing and More!

This December 8th from 7 PM to 10 PM.

Come join us for a heck of a good time.


Q : Will there be Good Times at this event? 

A : There will most certainly be good times at this event. Please see your local GTA (Good Times Association) for quantified data sheets about how many Good Times you can expect.

Q : How does the Auction itself work?

A : It is a Live Auction. You register at the door (registration necessary for participation as well as Door Prizes) and are given a card with your number. Each item is put to Auction and then you may bid in the increment the Auctioneer calls out for the item (‘500 do I hear 550?’, for example). Once you win your bid, you are liable for the amount stated during the bidding and must purchase the product that evening.

Q : Does it cost anything to participate? 

A : No it does not! Completely free to show up, register and enjoy our fine beverages/foodstuffs. By registering you gain the ability to win door prizes! That’s pretty cool!

Q : Will my friends be there?

A : I don’t know! As someone who doesn’t actually have friends, I am unaware as to how they behave. I bet if you invite them to join you they might be! So you should totally do that!

Q : Door Prizes? Auction Items? Like what?

A : Watch our Twitter (www.twitter.com/omniumbikeshop) and Facebook (www.facebook.com/omniumbikeshop) this week to find out more! We’ll be leaking all the deals, special Door Prizes and exciting news via those two outlets!

Q : I don’t really like sardines on my pizza, but my Wife is crazy for them. What should I do? 

A : You are in the wrong place, but if you both like good bike discounts, great deals and free stuff – come join us December 8th!