The End.


Thanks everyone for a great send off. We are pretty much out of stuff. So we are closing to the public tonight, December 16.

Sundays, Sundays, SUNDAY!

With the return of warmer weather, we are officially out of semi hibernation. The roadies have shaved their legs and we are open Sundays from noon to six again.


Looking around the Twin Cities, it’s easy to get the feeling that there aren’t very many bike brands out there. With big names like Trek and Specialized everywhere you look, smaller bicycle manufacturers have had to step up and go above and beyond the average bike you’d expect to get from the big guys. Most of these brands are just waiting for the right shop to bring them into the light.

Blue Competition Cycles was an obvious choice for Omnium. Consistently appearing in top ten lists for magazines like VeloNews and Bicycling, Blue is a familiar name to almost all of us despite never having a presence in the Twin Cities. Their emphasis is exclusively on the high-performance end of bikes, making some of the lightest, stiffest yet surprisingly comfortable frames in the world. Plus, let’s face it, their bikes are just plain gorgeous.

KHS Bikes

KHS started in 1975 and has always been a major player in the bike industry. When large bicycle manufacturers increased their requirements for being dealers, single-brand bike stores like Trek Concept Stores became the norm and KHS was almost edged out entirely in the Twin Cities. Nationally, KHS has always remained a major player and continues to manufacture beautiful yet affordable bicycles.

KHS’s dedication to producing bikes for everyone makes them a perfect fit for us at Omnium. The name Omnium, besides being a type of velodrome racing event, is also Latin for “all-encompassing” or “all-inclusive” and KHS shares our mentality. We carry almost all of their kids bikes and hybrids, as well as mid-entry level road bikes, touring bikes, track and cyclocross bikes in every size imaginable.