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“It’s been fun…”

It really has.

Since we opened our little space on Selby Ave, Omnium Bike Shop has been a lot of things : our dream realized, our family, our community, our livelihood, our accomplishment and our success. Above all else, it’s been… Amazing.

Omnium Bike Shop has been a labor of love and has connected us to so many great people and the community we live in. Martin and I have always said that if Omnium ever took a backseat to our lives it would risk losing the energy and enthusiasm it is known for. We never wanted that to happen, even if it meant closing the shop to preserve it. Since we first opened a lot of things have changed in our lives. It seems “bike-shop owner” is increasingly taking a second place to things like “father,” “grandfather,” and “husband” for both of us. Rather than let Omnium lose that enthusiasm we cherish, we decided that it’s time to close this chapter in our lives.

As of Dec. 16th of this year, Omnium Bike Shop will be shutting its doors for good. (Yes, it used to say 23rd, but we are out of stuff.)

We’d like to thank everyone who has contributed to, supported and made Omnium something to be proud of. All the employees, family members, customers, vendors, team members, and friends made it great and we really owe it all to you. It really turned into something special. Who knew all we had to do was open our doors and you all would do the rest?

If you have any questions specific to us closing, please feel free to reach out to us.

Thank you,

Daniel Jacobsen and Martin Lacey


Omnium Bike Shop

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