30 Days Of Biking // Event!

A Community of Joyful Cyclists.

There it is – five words that bring us together. Whatever you ride, whenever you ride and for any reason you can imagine – it’s just about getting on the bike and having a good time. #30DaysOfBiking started right here in good ol’ MN and it makes sense that it came from a place that has adopted cycling as thoroughly as we have. Here, it’s not a big deal to hop on your bike and ride down to your neighborhood DQ or one of our (many) lakes for a swim. We’re excited to have this ‘holiday’ to celebrate our daily rides and share them with others.

So when Patrick Stephenson (Cyclist, Writer and one of the founders of #30DOB) puts out the call for sponsors to help make this the best April yet, we were completely on board. All this month we’ll be putting on rides, events and offering a few deals to help ya’ll make this #30DOB the best yet.

If you’re not entirely sure what I’m talking about and want to hop on the joy train, you can pledge here. It’s really simple. Make the pledge. Ride your bike every day in April. Share it with others.

And if you are signed up, we hope to see you at the Kickoff Ride this Sunday, March 30th!

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