Fall & Winter Glove Guide Pt. 5 // The Craft Thermal Split-Finger

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Gloves can make or break a ride. A lot of cyclists focus extensively on jackets, base-layers, shoes, shoe covers, etc… but fail to consider their fingers when it comes to bad weather riding. And if you can’t feel your fingers (or worse, when you can’t move them) riding a bike is going to put you in some hairy situations. That said – here’s our handy Bad Weather Glove Guide to keep you on your bike even in the cold and wet conditions that are fast approaching. Our 5th and final installment covers the Craft Thermal Split-Finger Glove.

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ROCK LOBSTAH! : The Craft Thermal Split-Finger Glove

Winter is a tough season for cyclists in Minnesota. It’s cold. It’s wet. You’ll probably end up on your butt due to the ice shelves (yes – shelves) that line our streets, but there’s a lot of good as well. It can be ridiculously pretty this time of year. You’ve definitely earned that Hot Chocolate (or twelve) after a ride in this crap. People will generally assume you’re either nuts or badass. It has a way of separating those who need to ride as opposed to the person who merely does it for personal enjoyment (and what good is enjoyment to you anyways – you’re a cyclist!).

So you’re going to want to ride, and you’ll need a glove that will keep you warm and let you operate the thing you intend on riding. Welcome to the wonderful world of Lobster Claws, my friends. Two-“Fingers”, one thumb, all warmth. Waterproof, Windproof and plenty of reflective whatnots to keep your hands visible as you flip off the glacier that just took you down.

TEMP RATING : -10* – 20* – Toasty Warm

WATER RESISTANT/PROOF? : Proof. Just don’t go sticking your hand in the ice fishing hole, ya hoser.

COMFORT RATING : As comfortable as sticking your hand in a felt lobster claw (that’s a good thing).

COST : $49.99

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