Fall & Winter Glove Guide Pt. 3 // The FOX Anti-Freeze

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Gloves can make or break a ride. A lot of cyclists focus extensively on jackets, base-layers, shoes, shoe covers, etc… but fail to consider their fingers when it comes to bad weather riding. And if you can’t feel your fingers (or worse, when you can’t move them) riding a bike is going to put you in some hairy situations. That said – here’s our handy Bad Weather Glove Guide to keep you on your bike even in the cold and wet conditions that are fast approaching. Part 3 is all about the FOX Anti-Freeze Glove.

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Warmth and Durability : The FOX Anti-Freeze

FOX makes some great gloves so when it came time to find something to fill our shelves during the Winter Season, we took at a look at what they had to offer. Enter the Anti-Freeze. It’s really two gloves in one – a liner that keeps you dry and an outer shell that repels the elements. It also allows the glove to be fully waterproof, while maintaining breathability, a tricky feat to pull off. Full Fingers keep you fully in control – something everyone can use.

TEMP RATING : 5* – 35* – Great for anything Winter has in store, except for perhaps the coldest of days.

WATER RESISTANT/PROOF? : Proof. Just don’t go sticking your hands under a frozen stream for longer than an hour and you’re going to be fine.

COMFORT RATING : Comfortable enough for daily use being a full fingered glove, and the inside is slightly brushed. You’ll feel fine in these for as long as your ride/commute takes. Due to the fact that it’s a two gloves in one, however, you generally need to size up.

COST : $59.99

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