Giro Empire MTB LE // New!

IMG_0490As Cyclocross Season draws neigh, some of you lack proper footwear. Your friends at Giro expected this, and created a lovely line of shoes for training, racing and just generally enjoying your Cyclocross Bicycle. But after they created these magnificent shoes, they saw something was missing. A shoe for the cycling connoisseurs. A shoe for the fashionista within. A shoe for your uncle that goes “hunting” for two weeks every year, but comes back smelling heavily of embrocation and suspiciously lacks any trophies.

Enter the Giro Empire MTB LE.

Did we mention it comes in Camo? Camo with orange laces and lugs. It’s a work of art.

We have three pairs left. Numbers 184, 237 and 317 of 400 Total Pairs made. The last three pairs left in Minnesota. Crazy awesome.

The sizes left are : 44, 44.5 and 45. MSRP on these bad boys is $274.99.

If you’re interested, come on in and try a pair on today!

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