Norco Tactic 3 // New!

export-342013 has brought about a lot of new things into the cycling world. One of the biggest is the advent of well-equipped, Full Carbon bikes for a reasonable price point. With carbon now within reach of many consumers, it’s important to choose wisely.

Which brings us to one of our new Brands in the shop – Norco.

Known for it’s MTB’s, Norco isn’t exactly common in the vocabulary of those who ride skinnier tires. That said, they’ve come out of the gate swinging. Using it’s prolific carbon shaping technology once specialized for burlier framesets to create frames that are both durable and a blast to ride. Where this bike shines is in the last 20 meters of a sprint. This is to say, it is a stiff beast of a racing bicycle. The best part? With a 105 group, FSA BB30 (not BB30 ready) crank and full internal routing it’s only¬†$1999.99.¬†

But really, we should let the fact that it’s freakin’ gorgeous win you over. See above and below.


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