A Spring Tune

om_springtuneIt’s that magical time of year. Spring is right around the corner, and if you’re anything like us, you’ve taken your main squeeze out of the dark hole that is your garage and noticed that maybe she needs a little love. Maybe the shifting’s a little off. Maybe the chains a little rusty. Maybe those brakes just don’t grab like they used to. Whatever the case, it’s time to bring that bicycle over to us get it tuned.

Things you should know about bringing your bicycle in for a Spring Tune Up at Omnium Bike Shop.

1. Bring it in early. Probably now. Now would be an amazing time. 

It’s getting busy here and it’s only going to get busier. Right now, we’re well on track with our 5-Business Day Turn Around. Bring your bicycle in on a Monday or Tuesday and you’re most likely getting that back on Friday (barring any unforeseen circumstances). As more bikes fill up our space, it’s difficult to keep that quick turn-around. So with that said – Yes, today would be a perfect day to bring in your bicycle!

2. Pay for what we did – not what we didn’t.

This is a big part of who we are. Pay for what we did, not what we didn’t. If you bring in your bike and we say we can fix it, and then we can’t – you don’t owe us a thing. Pretty simple, but makes a lot of sense.

3. Drivetrains look (and work) good when they’re shiny. 

Bring in your bike and we’ll run down everything with you. Go over what we could do, should do, won’t do type of thing. That said, we’ll probably offer up our Drivetrain clean with our Tune-Up. For $40 more, we take apart your drivetrain and get it looking as close to new as it ever will again. Aside from the great feeling you’ll get looking at it, it’ll work better too. I definitely recommend it if the bicycle calls for it.

It’s time to make your bike the happiest bike in all of the land.

– Your Friendly Neighborhood Bike Geeks

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