Frostbike 2013

om_fb_challengeFrostbike is in the bag. Quality Bike Product’s annual shindig and product show is a great way to get a glimpse at what we’ll be carrying and using in just a few short months. There were a couple of things that stood out and I wanted to share with ya’ll.

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First off, as pictured above, the Challenge booth held a lot of fun goodies that we haven’t seen before. We’re huge fans of their Cyclocross wares (the Fango being our go-to CX Race tire) but their expansion into the gravel/endurance market in 2013 is what caught my attention. At the center of this new market is the famedĀ Almanzo tire. With a tread pattern closely resembling the Grifo XS but coming in with a 30c width as opposed to the XS’s 32, it’s all the grip and cushion, with a little less rolling resistance. My own favorite was the flip side of the gravel coin, the Strada. With a 260 TPI case and a classic herringbone tread, it’s a looker and a cushy ride.

We’ll have both of these in stock before April, but expect it to be a small amount. Reserve your pair today!

om_fb_breakThe Ritchey Break-Away is coming in a new color scheme for 2013, but still the same proven travel bike system. We’ve been putting together a lot of these for ya’ll and it’s one of the more requested bike build we get. If you’re a pilot, a business man on the move, or just want something you can break down and take wherever you might go – this is the bike for you. Available in a road or a cross model in either steel or titanium.

om_fb_bontAnd finally, Bont! I finally got to get my hands on the new Vaypor + with ATOP ratchet system and I gotta say, it’s stupid sexy. Lighter than the current Vaypor Premium, and with the new uni-directional carbon sole it’s a good deal sexier too. The ATOP system differs from a typical BOA in that instead of a coated steel lace, it uses a kevlar one. This leads to less flex and the ability to adjust it both ways (instead of just releasing the ratchet as with a BOA). Pretty slick. We’ll be able to order these bad boys in March in any size you’d like. If you like Bont and need the absolute best of the best, I don’t think you could find it in any other shoe.

That’s about it! I also have stories of shenanigans, so if you want to come in and chat sometime, that’d be pretty cool too.


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