Winter Sale

om_wintersale copy-15 one day. 30-ish and raining the next. Then right back to below-freezing, making a lovely mix of Ice, Slush and Snow that’ll just about put a damper on any ride.

We’re here to help you fight back.

From now until the end of February, we’re giving you a lil something off of products that’ll help you get back in the saddle and keep the ice off your beard.

Studded Tires : If you’re into staying upright, these are the ticket. We have over 12 different styles of 700c Studded Tires, so we’ve certainly got one that’ll work for your winter ride. 20% off when you buy a pair of any Studded Tire in the shop.

The Virtue Valor : Our Grab N Go Winter Bike. Usually $599-699, we’re knocking the price down to $399 for the remaining sizes in-stock. Pretty nuts. If you’re itching to go for a ride, there’s no better way to beat Winter’s Fury.

Winter Clothing : Jackets, Gloves, Balaclavas, Base Layers, Tights – all 15% off until the end of February. If it keeps you warm, it’s on sale. If you’re avoiding the outside because of a little windchill, a Craft Jacket or Ibex Wool Jersey is just the thing.

Come on in and get ready. Winter’s just settled in for another round, and that’s no reason to stay off the bike.

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