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» Year End Party & Auction – December 8th Omnium Bike Shop

Year End Party & Auction – December 8th

Doing it all over again.

Free Food from Cheeky Monkey Deli

Free beer from Lucid Brewing

Free wine from Solo Vino

Lots of amazing give-aways, Tons of items up for Auction (all starting at below cost!) – Including bikes! Wheels! Tires! Clothing and More!

This December 8th from 7 PM to 10 PM.

Come join us for a heck of a good time.


Q : Will there be Good Times at this event? 

A : There will most certainly be good times at this event. Please see your local GTA (Good Times Association) for quantified data sheets about how many Good Times you can expect.

Q : How does the Auction itself work?

A : It is a Live Auction. You register at the door (registration necessary for participation as well as Door Prizes) and are given a card with your number. Each item is put to Auction and then you may bid in the increment the Auctioneer calls out for the item (‘500 do I hear 550?’, for example). Once you win your bid, you are liable for the amount stated during the bidding and must purchase the product that evening.

Q : Does it cost anything to participate? 

A : No it does not! Completely free to show up, register and enjoy our fine beverages/foodstuffs. By registering you gain the ability to win door prizes! That’s pretty cool!

Q : Will my friends be there?

A : I don’t know! As someone who doesn’t actually have friends, I am unaware as to how they behave. I bet if you invite them to join you they might be! So you should totally do that!

Q : Door Prizes? Auction Items? Like what?

A : Watch our Twitter (www.twitter.com/omniumbikeshop) and Facebook (www.facebook.com/omniumbikeshop) this week to find out more! We’ll be leaking all the deals, special Door Prizes and exciting news via those two outlets!

Q : I don’t really like sardines on my pizza, but my Wife is crazy for them. What should I do? 

A : You are in the wrong place, but if you both like good bike discounts, great deals and free stuff – come join us December 8th!

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