Auction Preview! Day 3 – UVEX + What’s that hoodie Dan’s wearing?

Auction Preview Day 3!

Up For Auction : UVEX FP3 + SGL 202 Vario set. The FP3 is our top-of-the-line. UVEX’s lightest, most ventilated and sexiest offering is being paired with their SGL 202 Sunglasses. With Variochromatic technology, it’ll change with the ambient light to whatever shade you need. As you can see above, Dan is wondering why exactly we should auction this lovely set off. The answer, of course, being that we must share the love.

MSRP : $350 – Bidding Starts at only $100

What we’ll be Giving Away : As you can also see from the above photo, Mr. Dan is rocking one of our lovely Zip hoodies. We’ll not just be giving away a few of those, but also plenty of other Omnium Tee’s, Sweatshirts and socks. Slick!

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