45NRTH Xerxes Studded Tire // First Impressions

om_xerxes_1om_xerxes_245NRTH┬áhas brought something new to the Studded Tire game. How about a tire that works equally well on ice as it does on pavement? How about a tire that doesn’t ride like a rock and sound like a swarm of angry bees? Welcome to the Xerxes.

It’s a cross tire first and a studded tire second. It’s flexible like a normal tire – even the wire bead 27 TPI version we’re stocking can fold in on itself. You’ll also notice that despite it’s 140 stud count (fairly high up there for a 30c tire) the studs are evenly spaced on either side of the center tread. This, I’ve noticed, leads to two advantages which both have to do with the tire’s suppleness.

1. Crank that puppy up to about 70 or 75 PSI and you’re not going to hear a peep out of those studs. Why? They aren’t directly in contact with the road anymore. The center block lifts them up, lending it to behave almost like a standard road tire. Less rolling resistance than any other 140 studded tire I’ve come across – which isn’t saying a lot – but sure is nice.

2. Let out that air and get down to a 30 or 35 PSI and you’ll talking full on contact (most of the time). You’ll start to hear the studs and here’s the best part – the casing moves and conforms to the terrain. Like I said before – A CX tire with studs. The studs help you out on the glare ice, but when you hit the bumpy stuff you’ll still feel comfortable (or at the very least stay upright).

It’s not perfect for everything, but it gets pretty darn close. It also requires a little more attention than the average studded tire, which is just fine. Just like a CX tire variable pressure is the advantage and it’s been a learning experience figuring out what works for what conditions.

At then end of the day for 90% of what an average MN Winter contains, you’re going to be set with these guys. They excel at the usual clear roads/trails that we’re lucky to have, and help you out if you happen to come across a nasty patch or two.

But as 45NRTH is based locally, we shouldn’t have expected any less! Bravo! Full review up on the Blog shortly.

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