The Virtue Valor: Grab N Go Winter Commuter

Despite what we enjoyed this past weekend (50 and Glorious), we’re merrily making our way into the icy jaws of Winter. Some of you may have started commuting by bicycle this Summer and think – ‘Hey. Maybe I could do this year round? I am a Minnesotan and thus 43% tougher than the rest of the population’. And you’d be right. Especially about that tougher part.

The problem is, maybe that bicycle that you’ve been using isn’t right for Winter commuting. Maybe it doesn’t have the right clearance for the all important Studded Tires. Maybe it does, but you don’t want to trash your pretty ride in the salt/snow/wet horribleness that our roads turn into. Understandable. And you know that we’re here for you, so we’ve set up a little something.

The Virtue Valor. It’s a great, simple commuting rig on it’s own, but with Kenda Klondikes on the front and back, you’re looking at the perfect starter winter bike. Nice, wide pedals for your winter boots, sturdy deep-v wheels, a solid CroMo frame; all for just $499 for sizes 52CM & 54CM. We also have an XL version for those of you who might not fit those smaller sizes which ends up at $699, studded tires and all.

More photos after the cut. But let’s be honest, photos are great but riding is better! Come on by and try one today.

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