The Next Step

We’re in the thick of it.

Almost finished with October and then it’s straight on into the final months of MN CX. Maybe you’re thinking it’s time to upgrade a bit. Time to sharpen the arrows in your quiver, prepare for the final battle, as it were. Tubular tires are definitely the way to go if you’re going to get serious, but some of you don’t want to plop down a cool grand (or more) on a new wheel set. Well, nerding out over tires and cyclocross go hand in hand, and there’s some great clincher options that’ll work with what you’ve got. We’ve got just the triple threat to help you make it to that top step.

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1st up: The Challenge Fango. We love this tire. We love it so much that even on the description we wrote ‘BUY THIS ONE’. Fast rolling center tread with plenty of grip on the sides. Add in a lovely, supple casing and it’s as close to a tubular as you’ll get without huffing significant amounts of glue. $79.99 per tire.

2nd: The Challenge Cross Latex Tube is what makes a Challenge tubular tick. It’s the heart of what makes a tubular tire so nice to ride (sewn right up in that sealed casing), and now you can have that for your clinchers. Combined with the Fango you’re talking 99% of tubular benefit for a fraction of the cost. $16.99 per tube.

3rd: Protect your investment. When Dan was at USGP of CX last year, he noticed that the PRO’s tubulars were close to pristine, despite being beaten on a daily basis. After talking to the mechanics, he realized they were brushing on a goo to the unprotected sidewalls of their tires. The goo was Tent Sealant, designed to help waterproof and protect your tent, it works amazingly well to protect your tires. Helps prevent de-lamination of the tread and keeps the skin walls looking nice and clean – just rinse after the race and go. Easily applied with the included brush. Just $14.99 for the bottle that should last for up to twenty different applications.

There you have it, a simple way to get the most out of your CX Quiver for just about $200. Much cheaper than investing a new wheel set, but with almost all the benefits.



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