Craft Lightweight Jacket + Weather Gloves

We at Omnium do not believe that something as insignificant as ‘Weather’ should affect your decision to ride or not. Comfort need not be sacrificed in the pursuit of effective and fun transportation. Fortunately, our main clothing man (also known as Craft) has created products which follow that philosophy to a ‘T’.

1st up – The Craft Lightweight Jacket. Available in Black, Yellow, White and ‘Amino’ (Hi Viz, for those of you into looking dope). Full zip. Well vented. Keep the rain off your back and a smile on your face. Without turning you into a sweaty mess. Winner.

2nd – The Craft Weather Gloves. Neoprene, need we say more? Okay, we will anyways. A thin layer of fleece insultates. Gel pads to keep your hands comfortable on the bars. Full Fingered dexterity.

Together these two make even the harshest days a breeze. Come on in and try on a pair or two today!

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