We love us some Single Speed Cross – and what more exemplary of such a love than the World Championship? Rain, mud, love – all the best of our Cyclocross season. Just make sure you’re okay with getting a tattoo if you win the coveted stripes. During these dry and dusty ‘Summer’ races, we can take heart that soon such weather will pass and we’ll truly be in the mud pit.

And for those of you not currently in possession of such a single speed bike, why not the Cinelli MASH SSCX? We currently have a full size run heading our way of these wondrous frames and we have just a few left up for grabs. Tapered head tube, lightweight Columbus Aluminums, Beefy SS dropouts – The stuff CX Dreams are made of. Did I mention the full carbon fork? I apologize if I didn’t.

Once again, we’re throwing a party for those of you who haven’t heard. 5 PM. Beer, Food, Fun. We’re also going to have something CRAZY GOOD deal wise go down. Let’s just call em party favors.

See you there, CX Racers.

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