Bont Shoes + Wiggo = Love

Everyone’s favorite (or Not-So-Favorite) Englishman just won the Tour. Best part? He did it on a pair of Bont Zeros. The special yellow ones you see above (in Blur-O-Vision) are the lightest/stiffest shoe Bont carries. These are as close to full custom you can get without going out and finding a dude to cut/sew/slap the carbon right to your foot. We get em, mold em, and send you out the door with the shoe Mr. Science says is the  best fitting bike shoe possible. And Mr. Science is a smart guy, he’s the dude behind Starbucks Via (how does it dissolve so smoothly?!).

So come on in and give your feet a spa treatment today. We’ll fit you to the Bont of your dreams, and if it doesn’t end up fitting you the way you always dreamed, we’ll put em back – no purchase necessary.

Who wants to feel the Future of Bike Shoes?

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