Shop Friend: Kesha’s Almanzo 100











“Almanzo! The name brings fear and excitement. As it turns out, unrelenting sun and wind is just as brutal as unrelenting cold and rain. My fitness and a better bike let me finish an hour faster than last year, but the suffering is always there. I drank 6 bottles and wished I had more. There were hour long stretches without even a little bit of shade. I convinced myself the wind was upset with me, as I was riding sideways fearing the front wheel would lose traction.

A few days later a friend of mine notified me of the place I finished in. I was surprised to find myself in the top 50, but at this point it really did not matter. The biggest victory was to finish having not walked up any climbs.

As fatigue quickly disappears, good memories of the beautiful landscape, enduring with friends, and determination to finish stays in my memory. For me the greatest feeling in cycling is when the mind is clear. All you are, all you do, and all you feel is the efficient forward motion of man and machine.

It is incredibly liberating.”

Friend of the Shop, Mr. Innokenty Zavyalov (Kesha), recently partook in the Almanzo 100. For those of you who are unaware, the Almanzo is an endurance Gravel event which takes place in and around Spring Valley, MN. At 100 or 162 miles (pick your poison), the Almanzo is nothing to be trifled with. Finishing is in and of itself a great feat, and we’re super proud of Kesha for finishing in the top 50! We’ll see ya’ll down there next year!

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