Shop Friend: Andy Cook

St. Paul is a pretty great place to run a bike shop. Cheeky Monkey Deli, The Muddy Pig and The Happy Gnome are just a sampling of the bars available to the after-hours shop employee. So yeah, pretty great.

But more than that, it’s the people that make this an awesome place to be. Case in point: Mr. Andy Cook. Andy’s been with us since the beginning, but it’s just now that we’ve learned of his amazing backstory. His motivation to help bring light to mental illness through Triathlon is detailed here. From potential NHL Goalie to rad Triathlete, it’s a story worth a read. Here’s Andy’s mission in his own words:

“Through the Ironman Foundation’s ‘Your Journey, Your Cause’ program I am racing to raise awareness and funds for Regions Hospital’s new mental health building in St. Paul, Minnesota. And just as Ironman is more than a race, this effort is about more than a building. Every stride and every story takes us one step closer to leaving stigma in the dust. In collaboration with National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), we hope to change the face of mental illness and transform the future of mental health care. Ironman, unlike any other sport, is a challenge of mind power and an incredible display of human spirit—the very qualities a mental illness can hide. It is my hope that together we can cross the finish line of this journey towards knowledge, understanding, compassion and care.”

Pretty amazing. We’re proud to support Andy and hope you will too!


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