One Darn Classy Bicycle

We’ve set up shop in a classy neighborhood.

This is because we’re classy dudes. Classy dudes and classy neighborhoods deserve a classy bike. Behold, the Virtue Six! This isn’t your typical around town beater bike; This is a purpose-built machine. It does some things well, and some things not so well. Let’s run down the list:

Pick Up Groceries: It does this pretty darn well. Built-In rack makes this particularly simple.

Moves Along At A Good Clip: Check! 6-Speeds for getting you around efficiently and comfortably.

Looks Dang Good: It’s a looker, to be sure. If you’re of the top hat variety, it’s classy enough to go along with those coat tails you’re dragging behind you. (Probably want to keep those away from the spokes)

Extreme Downhill Mountain Cycling: If you’re game, it’s not! Pretty sure you’d break one (or several) things attempting that. Please do not!

Doing Your Dishes: Most likely not.

And there you have it! It’s a lovely city bike. Do your errands, ride to the park, get yourself to work, it’ll do it all with ease. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to get around town, you’d be hard pressed to find better. The best part? Full-metal fenders, a rack *and* a bell come with the bike. You’re one Banjo Brother‘s bag away from commuting bliss.

Oh, and it’s only $399.99 for the six-speed townie you see above. Slick!

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