Socks: Not Very Interesting


And why should they be? You put them on your feet, they keep your toes away from the harsh reality of your shoe. If it accomplishes this (not exactly the hardest thing for a piece of clothing to do) then we’re happy.

But what if we started asking more from our socks? What if we wanted more than a couple of strands of cotton between our toes and utter chaos/destruction? A company in Vermont has decided to take on the lowliest of clothing articles; A company known as Darn Tough.

Made out of Merino Wool, because even your pinky toe deserves the highest consideration. They wick moisture away like no ones business. And did we mention they’re tough? Like nutso tough. So tough they put it in the name, because the mission statement wasn’t getting the point across.

But don’t take my words for it. These are just pixels. They are definitely not the USA-Made, Merino Wool Foot Enhancers which are now in-stock.

Blogs don’t keep your feet comfy, but these socks certainly will.

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