PureFix Cycles

Sometimes you just need to get around town. Sometimes a bike with racks/bags/big tires/fenders/etc just isn’t going to do the trick. It’s overqualified for the position. You need a bike that gets you there, looks good and you wouldn’t mind getting a scratch or two on. It’s not cheap, but it’s inexpensive. If you’ve been around bikes long enough, you probably have one. Maybe even two.

Enter PureFix.

Lovely little Single Speed Machines that are designed to get you through the urban jungle as fast as your legs can pedal you. They’re just plain fun to ride. And when your destination is the Bar, the Show or maybe your Friend’s Place, it’ll get you there in style.

The best part? Any size, any color only $324.99.

For a lifelong friend, that’s not too bad.


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