You should love your ride.

It’s as simple as that.

Omnium was started with one goal – to share our love of bikes. Everything that we stock on our sales floor we either use on a daily basis, or it meets our stringent standards. This goes from the big stuff – like our road bikes all the way down to the little things – like what socks we carry. We believe that if you purchase a product it should work, not cause additional headaches. Buy the right thing first, and it will pay off for years to come.

Our job as Friendly Bike Geeks is to lead you down the right path. You’re an individual, not a part of a ‘demographic’. We’re a smaller shop; we can take the time to ensure that your cycling questions and conundrums are answered and solved. Whatever your bike is to you, whether a commuter, a work-out, a racing steed or just a beater to get the bar; we’ve got you covered.


Bicycle Brands

We carry a couple of names you might not have heard of before. Instead of choosing to get our bikes all from one source, we buy from many. Different brands do different things well. We want to carry to best bike for all types, not just a brand that sells a really great road bike and also happens to sell a townie. From first bikes to life-time custom made bikes, we’ve got the right one for you.

Seven  // Norco  //  Cinelli  //  Tiemeyer  // KHS  //  Pure Fix  // State Bicycle Co. // Early Rider


Clothing Brands

Clothing is an often overlooked part of cycling. It tends to be pigeonholed into the ‘Skin-Tight-Spandex’ category. Although there is plenty of that (and for good reason, it’s effective cycle-specific wear) sometimes you’re looking for something a little more casual. At Omnium, we get this, and so we sell both sides of the coin. Come on in and discover just how much the right clothing can improve your next ride.

 Craft  //  Ibex  //  Podiumwear   //  Darn Tough  //  Giro


Other Brands

 Looking for an upgrade? Maybe a new set of tires or a nice backpack? These are brands that we trust and you’ll find them in our shop and below.

Banjo Brothers  //  Park Tool  //  Brooks  //  Zipp  //  Mavic  //  Ritchey  //  Fizik  //  Vittoria

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