For Every Bike, A Bag

This last Sunday, I had the misfortune of contributing to our ‘Box Of Despair’. A small, well placed shard of metal ended my hopes for a great Sunday Ride. While sitting outside of the Burger King, fussing with my older saddle bag, I knew there had to be a better way.

The Banjo Brothers, our supplier of all things bag related, make some of the best saddle bags around. I picked up one of their ‘Deluxe Saddle Bags‘ and have been a happy cyclist ever since. Those Brothers most certainly ride a bike themselves, and have some clever solutions to small problems you may have never noticed. For instance, small black bag looks great, but hard to see on the inside. Solution: High-Vis Red Fabric interior *with* individual pockets. Never was your CO2 so easy to find.

Here’s what I carry with me on any given ride:

– Rear Light: For the times when daylight runs out far quicker than you anticipated

– 2 Park Tool Tire Levers: Because my thumbs deserve a break now and again

– Kenda Tube: Patches are great, but new is better

– Genuine Innovations Microflate Nano + Threaded CO2 Cartridge: Pumps are great, but CO2 is faster

– 2 Dollar Bills: So many uses and they fold up super small. Boot a slice in your tire. Buy a doughnut. Start a small business. Super important!

So buy a bag, keep it full and you’ll look like a champ when Fate brings you down.

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