Backyard BBQ – April 21st


EDIT: The BBQ has been pushed back due to weather concerns! It will now be happening next Saturday, April 21st! See ya’ll then! 

Yup. It’s happening. And it’s super soon. Apologies to those who have yet to purchase their bibs and those little wet napkin things you get at Famous Dave’s.

Here’s the rundown:

April 14th, 10 AM to 8 PM behind the shop in our ‘backyard’ (aka, Parking Lot)

We’re gonna have meat. We’re gonna have buns. We’re gonna have nonmeat. We’re gonna have Kool Aid.

For those of you of age, we’re gonna have beer. (It’s all free, by the way)

Bikes for you to try out. Lots of bikes for you to try out.

Tents (now with logos)

Who wants to learn how to Fix-A-Flat? 3 PM all that free knowledge is going to happen.

We’re brining sexy back. And by sexy I mean a really cool bike brand not seen in these parts for awhile.

Ultegra Di2 courtesy of Blue Cycles. You can ride it. Or just look at it in awe.

If you’re feeling up for it, St. Paul Pub Crawl! 8 PM (after all the other festivities)

That’s about all we’ve got. We’re making more dreams come true than an episode of ‘Extreme Home Makeover’. So come on down and say hi.

P.S. – Rumor has it one of the Banjo Brothers might even show up. But please, no flash photography. They scare easy.

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