Just a couple of Friendly Bike Geeks

Started with the intention to make a shop that’d we’d like to hang out at. A shop that’d be different, a little more fun, a little less serious. With these dreams in mind, and some space on Selby Ave in Cathedral Hill secured, we opened our doors.

Today those doors stay open, and at our heart we’re still the same friendly bike geeks we’ve always been. With countless years of bicycle industry experience, and even more years of riding, we’ve been around the block a time or two. When you step into our shop, we’re going to do our best to relate to you on your terms and describe things in a way that you understand. From the products we sell, to the events we take part in, to the people we spend time with – we live and breathe bikes.

Viva Saint Paul!

We didn’t set up shop in Saint Paul just willy nilly. We set up in Saint Paul because we saw a need in Cathedral Hill for a shop like this. We’re committed to making Saint Paul a better place to ride a bicycle, and through that, a better place to be. But to be honest – it’s already pretty amazing. We like Minneapolis too (one of us even lives there), but there’s just something special about Minnesota’s Silver City.

Where we are :


In track and road bike racing, an “omnium” is a series of different events that racers compete in and winning the omnium means being the best. We try to be many things to lots of different types of riders and people, but we always put our best into our work. Whether that’s a kid’s bike or a carbon fiber race rig, we give 100%.

Our Mission

Friendly : We get it. Bike shops can be intimidating. Heck, bikes are pretty intimidating. But you know what, they’re also a great way to drastically improve your standard of living. Riding a bike makes you happy, (even science says so), so we’re looking to make that initial fear as little as possible. Buying a bike should be as fun as riding a bike.

Bike : We don’t just work at a bike shop – we ride. A lot. To work. From work. For fun. For food. For fitness. We do it all. If it wasn’t a huge part of our lives, we would not have started a shop. Bicycling is a lifestyle for us, not an occupation.

Geeks : We’re geeks about a lot of things in our lives. We’re also big fans of Star Trek : The Next Generation, but that’s not important. What is important is that we’re in awe of the bike and all of the things that make a great ride. We’re constantly looking at ways to improve our rides and your rides. All the products we sell have been tested time and time again by us, and we stand behind what’s on our floor 100%.

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