Services + Policies

We fix Bikes.

We service any and all bicycles. If you have a question about your bicycle, bring it in. Once we can put it in a stand and have our expert mechanics take a look at it, we’ll be able to give you an accurate diagnostic. If your gears don’t shift like they used to, or your tire’s looking a little flat – bring it by today and let’s get you back to enjoying your lovely bike as soon as possible.


Pay For What We Did, Not What We Didn’t

If you bring in your bike for service (repair or fitting) we tell you we can fix the problem, we try and are unsuccessful in solving the problem, then you don’t owe us a thing. It’s that simple.

No Nonsense Fit Guarantee

We can not stress the importance of fit enough. If we sell you a bike, we guarantee that the bike will fit you and your unique riding style. If we don’t have something that will fit, we’ll do the best we can to help you find one that does even if that means sending you to our competitors. And if you purchased a bicycle from one of our competitors and you don’t feel you’re fitting it properly, bring it in and we’ll do our best to make that bike fit you.

15% Discount For All USAC Licensed Racers

As part of our mission to support grassroots racing, we offer a 15% discount of regular-pricecd items to anyone with a current USAC license (card must be present and current). It does not apply to bicycles or to labor. This policy is for your benefit if any of the following applies to you:

(1) You needlessly feel at a disadvantage racing against teams with shop discounts. You shouldn’t need to join a team to get great racing support.

(2) Are on a team with a shop that doesn’t support you adequately; either you aren’t “elite” enough, the team doesn’t have a shop at all or the shop doesn’t choose to offer a discount to you. We don’t care what team you’re on. You should get support.

(3) Are on a team with shop support…but it’s in Excelsior and you live in Minneapolis. You don’t have to go to Excelsior.

(4) You are on a team with a shop sponsor but they don’t have the things you want, like some sweet Bont shoes, for example. We’ll gladly discount your Bont shoes.

New Bike Service Package

As your new bike is ridden, it goes through a break-in period in which many of the original adjustments “settle” and come undone. We promise to make any necessary adjustments related to this settling process, until it is determined that the bike is fully settled and any further adjustment is only related to normal wear and tear. If need be, we may suggest a complimentary comprehensive “new bike tune-up” that covers all of these adjustments all at once. If you elect to not comply with the new bike service package, we are not liable for any damage that occurs as a result and any warranty shall be null and void.

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