OBS X T6 present #TNCX // Event!

om_tncx_2_745Tomorrow! Come join us at Aquila Park for a sick evening of Cross action. For all the info you need, check out this.

See you tomorrow night, Speed Racers.



Interbike 2014 // Photos!

Processed with VSCOcam with e6 preset Processed with VSCOcam with e7 preset Processed with VSCOcam with e6 presetSo many good things/times to be had at Interbike, it’s hard to capture them all in photos, but boy did I try. For only a 20 hour trip, it was a heck of a time.

We’ll have a lot more about what’s in store for 2015 from our favorite brands, but in the meantime enjoy this teaser gallery on the Facebooks – Here.


om_sonderkrossen_v3Soon our beloved Track will close for another Winter. While we will miss it’s warm, summery embrace, this recent cold snap has brought us back to our senses so that we may now begin to prepare.

We prepare for slick off-camber turns. For mud up to your shins and beyond. For grabbing tiny cups out of the hand of strangers and awkwardly enjoying their offering. For the long nights spent cleaning a bicycle which was pristine only a few hours earlier. For huddling by a propane heater in a drafty tent on days when most sane school administrators would shut their doors.

We prepare, of course, for Cyclocross.

Let us celebrate our Track and welcome the Cyclocross with the traditional rights of SONDERKROSSEN. With food, merriment and funtimes for all we will ring in the changing of the seasons.

We begin at 6PM on September the 19th and continue until we simply cannot anymore. At 7 PM we will have a guest from Seven Cycles (a Mr. John Lewis) come in and chat with us about all the best Seven has to offer. I’m particularly excited about that one.

Furthermore – any Track and Cyclocross items (including BIKES, excluding Tiemeyer framesets) will be 20% off. This includes new 2015 Cyclocross rigs, so if you’re looking to get stoked on cross and need a new bike, we’ll have one for you here at a ridiculous price.

See you there, speed racers.

RSVP here

UPDATE : We will now have preregistration for our #TNCX evening this Friday at SONDERKROSSEN! It’s still just $15, but you’ll be able to avoid all sorts of lines and stuff that generally people find annoying! So swing on by anytime during the evening and prereg and maybe have some free drink on us.

Norco 2015 Teaser // Video!

Driving us crazy over here, Norco! Some really exciting stuff coming down our way from our friends to the north!

Taco & Funk & 20% Off EVERYTHING Party // Event!

om_taco_2_bluWe’re in that weird in-between. That time when Summer’s not quite over, but the days are getting shorter and the pull of the Cyclocross is strong…

This is to say, we’re in a bit of a funk.

And the best way to get rid of a funk? Make things funky.

We’re gonna blast funk music all day long, drink and have FREE TACOS for anyone who’s up for beating the funk with us this August 23rd.

But that’s not all. How about 10% off a select few objects in the store?

You’re right, not exciting, but you know what is? 20% OFF OF EVERY SINGLE THING IN THE STORE!


So we’ll see you August 23rd because I know, and you know, that together we can beat this funk.

Did I mention free tacos?

Lebanon Hills // Video!

We’re getting a whole heck of a lot of rain, which means the trails haven’t been open as much as we’d like but this is a great way to get your MTB stoke even when it’s too wet to play.

Video by Brendan Lauer.

CATEYE Strada Slim // New!

om_strada_1om_strada_3om_strada_2Bike computers aren’t exciting. They don’t get to be exciting. They sit on your stem/handlebar and tick off the miles. You set them up with the tiniest zip ties in the world (try not to break one of these), diddle around with the settings and don’t think about it again until it stops working. Just all around a boring, frustrating endeavor.

CATEYE has long been a purveyor of sensible bicycling products and their Strada series of computers has long set the bar the rest of the industry. With it’s one button system, relatively easy set-up and large screen for it’s diminutive size, it was an unobtrusive joy to work with. So when they came out with the new ‘Slim’ version, it was with relatively little fanfare. In an age of GPS based cycle computers to release an update on an older wireless system seemed a little out of place, but I kid you not when I tell you this is the only bike computer I’ve ever loved. Let me tell you why :

1. Easy to set up. And when I say easy, like ‘Plug and Play’ easy. No more zip ties, we now have super easy to use rubber bands. No more ridiculous button combinations, just a few clicks and it’s set up. The sensor zone is well marked. Just everything is a dream to work with.

2. It’s way smaller. Like WAY smaller. Look at how small that is. But the display? Bigger. Nuts.

3. Everything you need to know and nothing you don’t. And as opposed to its newer, shinier GPS cousins, when you go under a tree it doesn’t spend five minutes figuring out where the heck you’ve gone.

Somehow, with all of the wizbang GPS units coming left and right, CATEYE stuck to what they know best and produced the most exciting thing to happen to bike computers in a long time. And bike computers aren’t exciting, but this time they get to be.

Saint Paul Crit BBQ + Ride // Event!

om_stpcrit_event_745We love bike racing and when it shows up in our own backyard, we take notice. This Wednesday evening at 6:15 PM, some of the best will line up and rip up our cobbled and not-so-cobbled streets in Downtown St. Paul. We’re all about that. So this Wednesday at 5 PM, we’ll be lighting up our grill, pouring some drinks and handing out the good vibes. Come 6 PM, we’ll hop on our bicycles, ride down the hill and get ready to watch some racing.

If that sounds good to you, we’ll see you Wednesday evening.

Shop Kit Pre-Order // New!

Processed with VSCOcam with 1 preset Processed with VSCOcam with 1 preset Processed with VSCOcam with 1 presetSome of you have been asking about our Shop Kit and I’m pleased to announce that we’ve got our ducks in a row and will soon be accepting pre-orders for Omnium branded cycling kit. We’ve worked with the fine folks at Podiumwear before and did a small printing of these last year so we’re confident in the quality and the fit. If you didn’t know – Podiumwear is based right here in good ol’ Saint Paul, which just is the cherry on top of an altogether amazing group of individuals.

We’ll have a small selection in the Shop for purchase, but if you’d like to ensure you get the items you’re looking for the pre-order is the best way to go about it.

More info on how you can own your own Omnium Kit soon!


You can now Pre-Order the kit on the Podiumwear Team Storefront they’ve made for us. Just click on this link – https://www.podiumwear.com/team-storefront/omnium-bike-shop-kit/ and type in the password – Kitgoodness. Place your order and it will be sent to your front door!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us here at the shop or give the good people of Podiumwear a ring. The store will only be open for a limited time, so act quickly to get the kit you’d like.

Pre Order is now CLOSED. Thanks for all the orders, people! You guys rock!

4th Birthday BBQ Blowout // Event!

om_birthdaybbq_4_745We’re turning 4. You may know 4 from such movies as ‘After 3′ and ‘Before 5′. In light of this momentous occasion, we’re going to throw a BBQ. For those of you who just fell off the turnip truck, we do this sort of thing a lot (see previous post).

The Details //

April 26th

10 AM till 8 PM

Here at the Shop. Also in the mysterious Parking Lot.

Ride Bikes. Talk Bikes. Hang out around Bikes.

Special Flat Fix demonstration by this guy.*

Come hang out with us at the Shop and enjoy free food, free drinks and free high fives.

Food from our Grill. Drinks from soda cans and Lucid Brewing. High Fives from our expert staff.

Sounds like an alright Saturday to me.

See you there.

Your Bike Dudes,

Omnium Bike Shop

*Probably erring on the side of definitely not going to happen